I'll Never Fully Master Ballet, But That's Exactly Why I Do It

Sheena Jeffers, 32, shares how it wasn't until she embraced dance for the pure art of the movement, that she let herself drop the need for perfection.

I’ll Never Fully Master Ballet, But That's Exactly Why I Do It

You have to move with both sharp speed and elegant slowness in ballet. It's a full-body workout that demands flexibility and strength. You are constantly pulling up through your core to maintain proper posture even as your muscles burn. You're sweating. Your heart is pounding. And yet your mind empties as you embody the intricate combinations. When you're completely in the moment, it's as if you're flying. (

I started dancing at 5 years old and have never stopped. I trained in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap but always stayed with ballet because it was the most physically and mentally challenging for me. I studied en pointe for 10 years but was never the textbook ballerina. My feet, ankles, spine, and hips weren't flexible enough. I was never able to get my splits in second position. But I kept coming back to the barre with determination. (

During graduate school, while getting my master's degree in dance education, I fell in love with contemporary ballet. Because it blends modern expression with classical technique, it allows for a breath of innovative artistry. I started to enjoy ballet purely for the art of it, the flow, the momentum, the beauty. (I'm not alone; More adults are turning to ballet, tap, and jazz.)

Now, as a wellness coach, I incorporate movement-dance and yoga-into my practice. I am also traveling the world, learning about how dance weaves through different cultures. Wherever I go, I find drop-in ballet classes, and I hope to be at the barre even when I'm 95 years old.

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