This Shapewear Before-and-After Photo Proves a Body-Positive Point

If you're looking for a Spanx before-and-after comparison, this is the most realistic one you'll get — and it might have you reconsidering shapewear.

two photos of creator @selfloveliv wearing shapewear then removing them to breathe

A self-love content creator named Liv, who posts under the handle @selfloveliv, started her Instagram as a way to document her journey recovering from anorexia and self-harm. While her feed is full of empowering, body-positive messages, one post, in particular, captures the highly relatable feeling of Spanx before-and-after feeling (it happens with any brand of shapewear, TBH).

In a side-by-side comparison, Liv shows how restricting the shapewear, which she had originally purchased to wear under a form-fitting dress, was on her natural figure. "Do you know how uncomfortable these things are...breathing was not an option!" she wrote in the caption. "I felt tight, uncomfortable, and restricted in the first photo. The relief of taking them off was amazing!!" she added.

That discomfort was proof of a salient point: "You don't NEED them," continued Liv. "I feel totally fine in the second photo, and I can breathe again! You don't need an item of clothing in order to love yourself. You don't need to wear a tight piece of material in order to wear a dress or top. WEAR IT ANYWAY," she encouraged. While the post is a few years old by now, it's a timeless and much-needed reminder to love and appreciate your body just as it is instead of feeling obliged to hide or modify it in some way.

Liv says it best herself: "You are fabulous. You are flawless. You are beautiful. Don't let any [one] tell you otherwise." Her Instagram, which is full of real talk on everything from mental health to weight gain, is an ever-updating reminder that you don't have to be a certain size to feel good and look amazing in your body.

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