The Best Bed Sheets for a Better Night's Sleep

Take this as a sign to retire the frayed bed sheets you've had since college.

The Best Bed Sheets for a Better Night's Sleep
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Everyone understands the importance of sleep. Whether you are getting too little, too much, wake up at 5 a.m. energized, or are crabby if you do not get your strict nine hours, you know what it's like to feel recharged — or exhausted.

While there is a slew of sleep hygiene tactics to keep up with (committing to a wind-down routine and a consistent sleep schedule, for example) what you lay down on night after night arguably matters just as much. From the mattress to your pillows, your bedding should be working with not against you to provide the best surface and surrounds to lull you off to dreamland.

With that, comes the all-important sheets — after all, the fabric directly touches your skin. The best bed sheets will keep you comfortable and at the optimal temperature (a polarizing topic in itself) not just when you first rest your head, but through the entire night.

But if you think there were endless mattress options, just wait until you try to find the best sheets — how can you choose?!

Take some time to consider what aspects are important to you for quality sleep. If you have sensitive skin or find that you run hot at night, considering the sheet fabric will be crucial, so you can stop tossing and turn on scratchy sheets and avoid waking up in a pool of sweat. The cost will also be a factor as there is a shockingly wide range of price points when it comes to bedding and the best sheets. Lastly, if it's color you desire — crisp white linens are a staple but patterns and colors in your bedding can instantly liven up a bedroom — brands are rolling out more and more options.

Up your slumber game and toss out the melatonin — okay, maybe don't go that far — with these picks for the best sheets to buy right now. (P.S. Still stuck on the mattress purchase? Check out: the best online mattresses, the best mattresses for sex, the best mattresses for couples, the best mattresses in a box, the best memory foam mattresses, the best mattresses for back pain, and the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.)

The Best Bed Sheets for Any Type of Sleeper

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Best Bamboo Sheets: Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets

Bedsure 100-Bamboo Sheets Set Twin XL Beige

Bamboo is a natural fiber, so these bamboo sheets are temperature regulating, making them great sheets for hot sleepers. The fabric also wicks away moisture if you do begin to sweat, helping to ensure you still dry through the night.

The fabric is also great for anyone with sensitive skin since it's just a viscose blend and nothing else.

The fitted sheet also has a deep pocket giving it a a better range for the elastic to stay in place. After a long day, you'll look forward to slipping into this silky sheets set. (Double up with these bamboo pajamas that will also keep you cool during the night.)

One Amazon reviewer said these bamboo sheets helped her finally get some shut-eye, writing, "Suffering from severe insomnia, we are trying to change everything that we possibly can about my sleeping environment. I bought these after hearing the benefits of bamboo-related products. This sheet set (includes 1 full, 1 flat, 2 pillowcases) has to be one of the softest sets I've ever slept on. The fabric has a slick, silky feel to it. It stays quite cool and doesn't make you sweaty. I've slept rather well on these and don't even notice that they're underneath me. These sheets are great. I would love to have a few more sets." (Related: The Best Products for Night Sweats, According to Experts)

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Best Cotton Sheets: Threshold 400 Thread Count Solid Performance Sheet Set

bed sheets
Courtesy of manufacturers

If having a cotton sheets set is a priority for the ease of washing, breathability, durability, and softness, then these sheets are the way to go. Offered in a range of solid neutral shades, the sheets will easily go well with the color scheme of any bedroom. With a more substantial weight, they are not only buttery soft but reasonably priced, with a king set under $60, making these some of the best sheets at Target for sure.

"Amazing," wrote one reviewer, simply. "Bought these [sheet at Target] thinking they would just be "ok" sheets! What a surprise to find out that they are one of the most comfortable sheet sets we own. Very thick, but soft and durable. I have purchased two additional sets for my kids' beds and they love them too."

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Best Sateen Bed Sheets: Nectar Sleep Luxury Cotton Bed Sheet

bed sheets
Courtesy of manufacturers

Five-star reviews for this set include "best sheets ever," "silky, luxurious," and makes it "hard to get out of bed." This sateen sheet set is ideal for people looking for lightweight, cotton, luxe, satiny smooth sheets. The best part is that they somehow get softer with every wash.

These sateen sheets are also breathable, and they stay cold in the summer and warm in the winter. Bonus: The pillowcases have an envelope closing that will keep your pillow from slipping out.

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Best Jersey Sheet Set: Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheets

bed sheets
Courtesy of manufacturers

For sheets that will make you feel like you are sleeping in your favorite worn-in t-shirt, go with this set from Tuft & Needle. Made from a blend of cotton and TENCEL® Lyocell, the result is a cozy stretchable material that will still stay put on your bed.

These jersey sheets also come in saturated colors including bold yellow, pastel pink, and a pretty baby blue.

"So soft it's addicting," shared a customer, who nodding to their particular washing method. "We love these sheets. I washed in warm water and tumble dry it on high, and they did not shrink. They fit the mattress perfectly. I would highly recommend." (You'll definitely want to wash your bedding with this detergent that'll get out every bit of grime.)

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The Best Soft Sheets: Parachute Sateen Sheet Set

bed sheets
Courtesy of manufacturers

If luxurious bedding is what you after [raises hand], go with these super soft sheets made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton. These have a tighter knit that will insulate you, making them great winter sheets or if you have a partner who loves to crank the A/C down low. They also have a subtle sheen and a silky smooth feel.

And you're an anti-top sheet person, this set excludes it, eliminating any guilty feelings of waste or having it take up more room in your linen closet if you'll never use it. (Related: The Best Weighted Blankets for People Who Are Always Cold)

The majority of the product reviews are very positive with a few people highlighting the brand's superb customer service. Others noted that the feeling of these soft sheets gets better over time, making them a surefire investment. Another shopper said, "I'm not really sure what I was expecting with sateen (always a flannel sleeper), but these have blown me away. They are silky but still warm and give me something to look forward to every night. I also ordered Parachute's down pillows (medium), and the combo of those pillows with these pillowcases is actual heaven. These sheets will change your sleeping experience!"

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Best Flannel Sheets: LL Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set

bed sheets
Courtesy of manufacturers

While there's nothing wrong a classic plaid, the pattern may not fit the aesthetic of your bedroom 12 months out of the year. Luckily, this much-beloved set of flannel sheets comes in neutrals and soft tones as well as traditional plaid options, so you can perfect your bedroom look.

Super soft and lightweight, these flannel sheets are don't have to be relegated to just the cold months. Plus, the fabric is resistant to pilling, so it will always have that smooth, new sheet finish. (No matter how cozy the sheets are, though, you probably shouldn't sleep naked on them.)

One fan reported that they were, "Great quality flannel and very soft. I've washed these twice and they have retained their sizing and shape and have stayed soft. The heather gray is a beautiful color. These sheets are just what I expected."

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Best Sheets On Amazon: Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

bed sheets
Courtesy of manufacturers

More than 183,000 five-star reviews make these the top bed sheets on Amazon. They are made with a polyester fabric, which offers easy care that won't shrink, stain, or fade over wash. These sheets are also wrinkle-resistant, a feature that anyone who likes to iron their sheets will appreciate. The best sheets on Amazon are microfiber that comes in a large variety of shades, patterns, and sizes all at a reasonabe price, which adds to their attraction. (See also: Try These Sleep Affirmations to Score Some Serious Shut-eye)

One buyer, who was admittedly skeptical about the quality because of the price, says they were pleasantly surprised by this bedding set. "These sheets are one heck of a bargain! I was sure I had read the price wrong or that there was some 'catch'. Less than $20 for an entire sheet set for my queen size bed... with mostly positive reviews?? I've paid more than that for two pillowcases! I put these suckers on my bed for the true test of any sheet, and oh my... they are fantastic! They are soft. It's like coming home after a long, yucky day at work, and all you want is to crawl your sorry self into bed for the night, and your sheets give yu a hug all through the night. But they are breathable, so you aren't sweating like crazy. Ah-May-Zing! They also wash nicely, they come out soft- but not 'flannel soft', and they fold up neatly."

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Best Sheets Overall: Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

bed sheets
Courtesy of manufacturers

These best sheets have that crisp, clean hotel feel you (though you could) only get when you're on vacation. Constructed from 100 percent cotton, with an OEKO-TEX®-certified chemical safety rating, this set of percale sheets are cool and sleek and will make you feel like you are permanently at the Ritz. Plus, the brand put super handy, long, and short labels on the sides, so you'll always nail it on the first try.

One reviewer shared their journey to finding the right sheets. "I have spent so much money trying to find a great sheet set! I'm pretty picky. They have to be cool because I'm a hot sleeper. They also have to be crisp, yet soft. These sheets are exactly that! That's why I have Brooklinen sheets on every bed in my home. My backup sheets are also Brooklinen. Money well spent in my opinion!"

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Best Percale Sheets: Boll and Branch Percale Hemmed Sheet Set

bed sheets
Courtesy of manufacturers

Yes, these prices might seem steep (these percale sheets start at $168 for a twin), but these will make you feel like you are staying at a five-star resort every night. What makes them so worth the investment? The luxe, fresh feel, and the fact that they actually get softer with each wash, which means your love for them will only grow over time. These percale sheets are also great for anyone who runs hot during the night since the material is very cooling. (Complete the luxurious sleeping experience by wearing these silk pajamas to bed.)

Many positive reviews mentioned how they have no regret spending the money for these percale sheets. One commenter specifically said, "These sheets are so crisp and comfy. Just what I have been searching for. I was so tired of sheets that wadded up! These remind me of sheets hung on the clothesline to dry or that have been ironed! They are more expensive, but I won't be wasting money looking for the perfect sheets now that I've finally found these."

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Best Linen Sheets: Wright Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set

bed sheets
Courtesy of manufacturers

Linen has a mistaken reputation for having a ruffer, scratchier feel, but that's a bit of a misnomer — especially when it comes to these luxe linen sheets. Made from 100 percent full-length Belgian flax — the best when it comes to linen bedding — these linen sheets have excellent weight and yet are still super soft. The rich texture is gauzy, breathable, and cool to the touch. They are built to last, so know you will have this linen sheet set in on your bed or in your linen closets for years.

"I've never spent this much on sheets but so far, I've been impressed," shared one reviewer. "The linen fabric is not scratchy and is quite durable. It also seems breathable. I've had silk sheets, cotton sheets, and a few other types, but I think this is one of the top sets I've had. Hoping to have these sheets for years to come!" (Next up: The Best Mattress In a Box for Every Type of Sleeper)

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Best Cooling Sheets: Casper Hyperlite Sheets


If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about bedding it's your mattress brand. Casper, the makers of some of the best fan-favorite hybrid mattresses, also has an array of sheets (and pillows, bed frames, blankets, and even a dog bed) to choose from.

If you're in need of a cooling sheet, the brand's Hyperlite collection is your best bet. They are made with 100% percent TENCEL™ Lyocell, and the fabric features a particularly weave that offers maximum breathability. These cooling sheets are so breathable, in fact, that the brand says they are 7x more breathable than some of the best-selling percale sheets. Experience you're best, driest night's sleep with these cooling sheets.

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