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The Best #CaughtBeingHealthy 'Grams

Caught Crushing Bootcamp

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We love this cute photo op from @edenelizabeth! She says, "Crushed bootcamp this morning just for @shape_magazine." Nice! 

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Photo: @edenelizabeth Instagram

Caught With a Nutritious Raspberry Smoothie

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This smoothie by @aubaronayoga is not only gorgeous, it's super nutritious. Ingredients include raspberries, rice milk, coconut milk, fresh mint, and dates. Yum!

Photo: @aubaronayoga Instagram

Caught Walking The Pooch

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@cupcake11984 was caught on a stroll with her adorable pooch.  

Photo: @cupcake111984 Instagram

Caught Doing Pull-Ups Like a Boss

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All photos says, “Put this pull up bar in my hallway and made a rule where I have to do 5 pullups every time I walk by. The hallway connects my room to the rest of the house, so I'll have to do pullups if I want to eat, sleep, and even pee.” Hah! Awesome. 

Photo: Instagram

Caught on an Active Vacation

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@mslusarz says, “My ideal kind of vacation—every day consists of an early morning bike ride (in order to greet the local alligator :] ) followed by other outdoor activities. Perfection!” Alligators!? Yikes! But yes to an active, fun vacation!

Photo: @mslusarz Instagram

Caught in Tree Pose

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@luvtheheat was caught in tree pose with a Jamba Juice smoothie in hand!

Photo: @luvtheheat Instagram

Caught Doing Yoga Stretching

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@workoutsbyrebekah knows how to stay healthy on the go. "Getting my body ready for long overseas flight with daily stretching! Ready to get my plane yoga on!" she says. 

Photo: @workoutsbyrebekah Instagram

Caught Recovering from Studies

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@pakl1608 prepped this clean smoothie and wrote, "Home: Like rehab for the MBA diet." Kiwi and greens should definitely help! 

Photo: @pakl1608 Instagram

Caught in Bridge Pose

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@alicia_p was caught in a beautiful bridge pose (and flowers in her hair!).

Photo: @alicjaa_p Instagram

Caught Scaling a Rock Wall

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@amadsen79 was caught scaling a rock wall. Great shot! 

Photo: @amadsen79 Instagram

Caught with Summer Couscous

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@dncabchkg snapped a picture of this summer couscous with greens. Those peas look delicious! 

Photo: @dncabchkg Instagram

Caught Building Muscle

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@nthefitzone was caught building some serious muscle! "Been working hard on building strength and muscle. #gohardorgohome" You can tell! 

Photo: @nthefitzone Instagram

Caught on a Green Smoothie Kick

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@oohallicat was caught on a green smoothie kick. We approve! 

Photo: @oohallicat Instagram

Caught on a Run to the Beach

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How about a run to the beach on a summer Friday? Sounds pretty amazing to us. That's exactly how @cshaps was caught being healthy! 

Photo: @cshaps Instagram

Caught in an Arm Balance

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@hongermk was caught holding this yoga pose, saying it was the first time she didn't struggle to hold it. Way to go! 

Photo: @hongermk Instagram

Caught on a Nature Hike

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There's nothing like the great outdoors! @_kristin_kay was caught doing a stair workout "nature style." Love it! 

Photo: @_kristin_kay Instagram

Caught Doing Handstands on the Beach

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Gorgeous! @Kat_with_a_Kay was caught in a beautiful handstand on the beach. 

Photo: @Kat_with_a_Kay Instagram

Caught With Fresh Organic Delivery

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@texastigerm wrote, "All organic, all fresh delivered to my door this morning!!!" Something to really be excited about—we agree!

Caught Hiking in Washington

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What a breathtaking view! @theprovisionist was caught taking this beautiful picture in Maple Pass. Talk about good for the body and the soul!

Photo: @theprovisionist Instagram

Caught in a Wall Sit

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Hold that move! @nthefitzone shows off her strength in this wall sit pic. She hit 2 minutes and 10 seconds after she went on a run! 

Photo: @nthefitzone Instagram


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