The 7 Best Clear Face Masks Reviewers Can't Stop Wearing

Clear-paneled face masks are an alternative for those who depend on lip reading for everyday life and learning.

The Best Clear Face Masks for Lipreading

We're almost halfway through 2021, and face masks are still a must-have accessory. And even though they can be bothersome, they're a proven go-to for minimizing the spread of COVID-19. But for those that depend on lip reading, traditional masks can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, there are clear-panel face masks that were made with those users in mind.

Face masks with clear panels are considered an alternative for the hearing-impaired or deaf, young children, students learning a new language, people with disabilities, and those who depend on lip reading for everyday life and learning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Though the CDC does warn that if you choose this type of mask, ensure that it fits properly, allows you to breathe easily, and does not collect excess moisture or cause fogging. (A mask bracket can also make breathing easier while wearing a face covering.)

There are some cons to clear-paneled face masks. "Clear masks are clearly a benefit to those who are deaf and read lips, but there are some drawbacks" says David Cutler, M.D., family medicine physician at Providence Saint Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, California. "The clear part may fog up and collect moisture and the greater danger is that the plastic covering the mouth tightly may prevent a normal breath." He continues that for this reason, clear and transparent masks must be removed before sleeping. To ensure the mask is effective, make sure the plastic fits snugly around the edges.

Ahead, the best clear face masks that reviewers can't stop raving about. From solid and patterned masks to kid-friendly options, these are the best clear face masks to add to cart. (If you find face masks to be stifling, check out these breathable options for working out, too.)

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MaMo Creations No Fog See Through Face Mask

best clear face masks mamo

Made with 100 percent cotton, this mask is easy to wear over a long period of time without getting winded or uncomfortable. With function and comfort in mind, the fit around your chin and nose keeps the mask in place so it doesn't slide around while you talk or move. It boasts hundreds of five-star ratings and a customer from Florida swears this mask doesn't fog up — no matter how humid it may get outside.

"This is the best mask I have found with a window," wrote one reviewer wrote. "This one has a stitched lip that tucks under the chin and smaller stitched lip that goes over the nose. It never rode down once and needed only minimal adjustment in nearly two hours of use while actively talking."

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GoMust No Fog Clear Face Mask

best clear face mask gomust

With 14 color options, printed and solid, you'll have a ton of fun mixing and matching these clear-panel face masks — each of which is made with 100 percent breathable cotton. The face coverings also feature 3-layer fabric protection and a 3-D design that mimics the shape of your face for a comfortable and snug fit. What's more, it can also be easily washed between uses. (Related: These Are the Most Stylish Cloth Face Masks)

"I love this mask," raved a shopper. "I am a sign language interpreter and I wear it for hours a day and never see even a drop of condensation."

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Sachika Boutique 100% Clear Face Mask

best clear face mask sachika boutique

This face mask with a clear panel is minimalistic and chic — and could even be ideal for a date night if indoor seating at bars and restaurants is open to you. Instead of having a clear strip just around the mouth, this pick is completely transparent with a cloth trim. The mask itself is made of vinyl with micro-holes to allow easy airflow. Pro tip from users: If you rub dish soap all over the inside and wipe it off with a paper towel, that will typically give you about 6-8 hours of no fogging. Looking for something with a bit more protection (read: no micro-holes)? Opt for the brand's The Teacher Clear Window Face Mask, which also has a nifty nose wire to help it stay in place.

"My musical cast LOVES these masks (and so do I!). Can barely tell we're wearing masks in the pic I posted. We put a little dab of dish soap on them and wiped with a paper towel and they did NOT fog at all! We could see our performers faces and it was AWESOME. What a great solution for stage performers!!!" shared a customer.

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ShowMySmile Anti-Fog Clear Window Face Mask

best clear face masks showmysmile

Ideal for teachers and those who are deaf and hard of hearing, this clear panel face mask comes with a wide window that makes lip reading a breeze. The lightweight cotton framing is soft and comfortable, and the wired nose and chin flap make sure the covering stays put all day long. (Related: This Face Mask Is So Breathable During Workouts, My BF Keeps Stealing Mine to Go Running)

One fan said: "I am a Food Service Director in Child Nutrition (aka a lunch lady). The school year has been hard on the littles: new school, new rules, masks on them, masks on us, and so much plexiglass! We can't hear them and they can't hear us. After seeing tears on the first couple of days, I decided to order this. I thought seeing a smile might help with the anxiety and fear they may be having. [...] So far I am happy with this purchase and my co-workers want one, too!"

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Rafi Nova Adults Smile Mask With Adjustable Ear Loops

best clear face masks rafinova

One of the best clear face masks on the market, this option comes in six colors and can even be purchased in bulk, from packs of two to 50. Not only do they ensure a secure fit on any size or shape face, but the adjustable straps and nose bridge also allow users with hearing aids or implants to find a comfortable fit without interfering with their devices. The panel is made with 3-ply BPA-free plastic and investing in the brand's Clear-It Anti Fog solution helps to keep fogging to a minimum.

"I work with deaf and hard of hearing students and the mask has minimal fog-up and it doesn't fog up my glasses. It does a great job of covering my whole face, which other clear masks do not offer," shared a reviewer.

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ClearMask Transparent Face Mask

best clear face masks the clear mask

If you're looking for a fully transparent face covering, this single-use option is your best bet. Great for those who need visual communication, this clear face mask comes with an adjustable strap and a sticker-like adhesive that allows the mask to fit snug on the nose. The only downside? You have to purchase this product in bulk. Although this could actually be a positive considering each clear face covering is single-use. What's more, buying a large quantity ensures you'll always have an extra on hand and brings the price down to about $3 per mask.

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Baby Jack and Company Child Smile Face Masks

best clear face masks baby jack and company

Finding a face mask for a child is hard — let alone, picking one they'll actually want to wear. They need to be small enough to fit their tiny faces and comfortable enough that they won't complain about wearing one all day. Thankfully, this clear-panel face mask checks all the boxes. A blend of polyester and microfiber makes this mask super soft, and your little one will love the fun patterns. (Check out these custom pet face masks if you're in the market for one to match your fur baby instead.)

"As a physician, I am very critical of the quality of our masks, but as a mother of five, I'm also concerned about comfort and style. Kiddos can be picky about scratchy fabric or tags or patterns. Baby Jack has knocked it out of the park with these masks. I was very impressed that they were able to combine style, comfort, and quality all into the perfect children's mask (this is why we have four different prints)!" raved a customer.

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