Gratitude Journals That'll Help You Appreciate the Little Things

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Find a journal that suits your needs, whether that's a book filled with prompts and projects or one with tons of blank space to free write.

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Gratitude Journaling Can Make You Feel #Blessed

benefits of a gratitude journal
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Any positive thinking advocate will tell you it pays to express gratitude on the reg. And research suggests the practice actually makes a difference in your mental health: A 2017 study published in Psychotherapy Research found that a group of people who wrote weekly letters of gratitude reported better mental health than subjects who didn't.

If you're not eternally optimistic, maintaining a daily journal is the easiest way to make gratitude a habit. Get started with one of our favorite options below. (Until you grab one, try this morning gratitude meditation.)

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Two Minute Mornings: A Journal to Win Your Day, Every Day

two-minute mornings gratitude journal
Urban Outfitters

If your main hesitation with starting a gratitude journal is time, pick up this option. All it takes is two minutes in the morning to answer a quick prompt and start your day on a positive note.

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Letters for a Year of Gratitude

gratitude journal letters book

Instead of a diary that you keep to yourself, this set comes with letters that you'll send out to loved ones expressing your appreciation. Plus, Oprah included it on her list of 2018 favorites, so you know it's good.

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Good Days Start with Gratitude Journal

good days start with gratitude journal

If you're new to gratitude journals, start with this Amazon bestseller. It's lightweight, cheap, and straightforward—and if you end up bailing (#realtalk), it'll at least look pretty on your bookshelf.

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Erin Condren Petite Planner Gratitude Journal

erin condren gratitude journal with stickers

Erin Condren's petite planner line includes this adorable gratitude option. It has six months' worth of prompts and comes with cute stickers to pretty up the pages.

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Knock Knock Okay Fine, I'm Grateful Inner-Truth Journal

funny I'm Grateful Inner-Truth Journal

Gratitude journal skeptics should go with this book filled with funny quotes and the same prompt every day: "Why I'm grateful today, more or less."

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52 Lists for Happiness

52 lists for happiness gratitude list journal

If you're the list-making type, consider this journal from designer Moorea Seal. Each week, you'll create a new list, such as the books, TV shows, and movies that make you happy or the things you hope will bring you joy in the coming week.

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Happiness Scratch Journal

happiness scratch off gratitude journal
Uncommon Goods

This one is filled with prompts and tips meant to help you cultivate mindfulness in your day. Plus, it has scratch-off activities (!!). Think of it as adult coloring, minus having to get markers or crayons out.

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Shit I Am Thankful For Gratitude Journal

Shit I Am Thankful For Gratitude Journal

Take a no-nonsense approach with this cheeky gratitude journal option. No philosophical prompts, just blank space to jot down all the shit you're thankful for in your life.

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The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal

happiness project one sentence gratitude journal

This book from Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project has space for five years, so you can look back at what you were grateful for in previous year as you fill it up—talk about perspective on where you came from. You can reflect on the quote at the top of each page, jot down an affirmation, or write about something good that happened that day.

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A Life of Gratitude Journal

A Life of Gratitude Journal
Uncommon Goods

You get a lot with this book—writing prompts, illustrations, quotes. It also includes the occasional project, like writing thank-you notes to five people of your choosing.

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