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The Best Health and Wellness CBD Products

What Is CBD?

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It's likely that by now, you've heard of cannabidiol—aka CBD—a compound found in the marijuana plant. The stuff has been touted for health perks like pain relief, decreased inflammation, and even better sleep. And while the science on CBD isn't yet rock-solid, it is certainly promising.

Unlike products that contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient in pot, CBD-only products don't have any intoxicating effects. Some products combine CBD with THC for maximum effects, but all products on this list are THC-free. Whether you're in search of a new way to ease sore muscles or simply want to try incorporating it into your routine, there are now more options than ever in the wellness space for those who are curious about CBD and its benefits.

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WillPower ReGenPCR Protein Powder

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Get your daily dose of CBD and up your protein intake at the same time with this innovative post-workout supplement. With 20g of protein and 100mg of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil extract per serving, you're getting plenty of both when you use this in your smoothie. ($80;

(Just want a regular protein powder? Check out the best protein powders for women, according to nutritionists.)

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Sagely Naturals Relief and Recovery Capsules

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This supplement, which combines CBD with turmeric, works wonders for mild inflammation and pain relief. Try putting it in regular rotation if you have an intense workout regimen or if you're training for a big race in the coming months. ($50;

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Cuvée Coffee Nitro Hemp Oil Cold Brew

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Cold brew is all the rage in the coffee world. This canned version of the stuff is ready to go with 10mg of odorless, tasteless, and water-soluble CBD hemp oil, making it perfect for a pre-workout burst of energy. ($4; select grocery stores, visit for more information.)

(BTW, here's how coffee helps you stick to your long-term fitness goals.)

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HempMeds Active Relief Roll On

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This roll-on preparation of CBD oil is easy to stash in your gym bag for when you need on-the-go relief from muscle aches and pains. ($40;

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Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil Extract

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Charlotte's Web is a favorite among CBD enthusiasts for its high quality. This oil extract comes in three strengths (depending on how much you want to feel the effects). It's easy to add to coffee, tea, smoothies, and more. Choose from mint chocolate and olive oil flavors. ($40;

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CBD for Life Lavender Rub

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This soothing CBD rub smells amazing. Rub some on before bed for a restful night's sleep. ($25;

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Flower Power New York House Blend Signature Coffee

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If you prefer to make your own coffee at home, try these organic CBD-infused coffee beans. Each bag has 30mg of CBD. ($15;

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Green Witch Soft Gel CBD Capsules

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Some people find it easier to take a supplement than to incorporate CBD products into their diet. So for them, these capsules are a great option. This is a higher-dose option, with 25mg of CBD in each capsule. ($90;

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Farmhouse Hemp Honey

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Add a teaspoon of this raw honey to your nightly tea and get 20mg of CBD, which may help you get a more restful night's sleep.

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buy it, $60

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Neuro XPF MCT Oil

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If you've ever had Bulletproof coffee, you're probably familiar with MCT oil, which contains medium-chain triglycerides, a form of fatty acid that's thought to have cognitive and weight-control benefits. Created by former NFL player Kyle Turley, this product combines MCT oil with CBD oil for the best of both worlds. ($43;

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Alivio Wellness Hemp Essential Oil

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Essential oils have some legit benefits, and this line mixes them with CBD oil for an extra-calming effect, with a variety of different scents for different health concerns, including stress and overall wellness. ($30;

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Love Bud Body High Cooling Bar

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This massage bar leaves you with a cool tingly feeling like Icy Hot, but it also incorporates CBD for extra pain-relieving properties. Use it after a tough sweat session for a little relief. ($18;

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Lord Jones Old Fashioned High CBD Gumdrops

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Yes, these are candy, but every healthy diet has room for treats, right?! Plus, they're made from simple ingredients. These are a higher dose at 20mg per gummy, so a little bit goes a long way ($45;

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Biovelle CBD Coconut Oil

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Add CBD to virtually anything you eat with this coconut oil, which is also suitable for use on the skin. ($28;

(FYI, here's everything you need to know about coconut oil.)

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