The Best Meditation Videos On YouTube for Sanity You Can Stream

Instead of a meditation class or app, try these best meditation videos on YouTube to find calmness amidst the chaos—for free.

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If you haven't yet found your stride with meditation or even the merit in practicing this kind of mindfulness exercise, perhaps watching (or just listening to) a meditation video could be the easy entry point you've been waiting for.

"Meditation encourages you to pay attention to yourself," says Tracy Thomas, Ph.D., psychologist, and founder of Dr. Tracy Inc., an emotional training company in Sonoma and Marin County, California. "In a world of stimulating reactivity, the practice allows you to have more space to be able to respond to life with consciousness, consideration, and strategic thinking rather than involuntarily reacting. Meditation can also help change negative emotional patterns or behaviors into more purposeful ones," says Thomas.

While tuning in to how your body is feeling and responding to the environment does take time (that you could also use to binge 'Love is Blind', for example), you'll score physiological and psychological benefits during and after.

Meditation, whether that's through in-person classes, individual practice, or even by utilizing meditation videos at home, has been linked to: lower blood pressure, better sleep, less anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness, higher pain threshold, and a stronger immune system. (And that's just a handful of the many benefits of meditation.)

How, where, and how much meditation is required to score all those depends on the person.

While some people may prefer to meditate for longer periods at one time, others may be better served by breaking up their meditation practice into small, easy to accomplish bites. This may help if you're new to meditating and the thought of sitting in stillness for some time is intimidating. (

"The mind can have thousands of thoughts every few minutes, so even five minutes a few times per day of meditation will greatly change how reactive you are to environmental triggers." Know that there is not meditation quota you need to hit, though—whatever works for you and when will suffice.

If the idea of guided meditation is appealing to you, the good news is that meditation videos or apps can be done literally anywhere. Still, Thomas recommends carving out a stimulus-free space, if possible. A dark room or even your bed works, though any space that relaxes and inspires you is best, she adds. Snag one of these comfy meditation pillows that will ensure you are comfortable no matter how long your practice ends up going or where you choose to plop down.

While meditation videos offer more sensory resources than audio-only guided meditations, the added visuals may be helpful for someone who struggles to focus without visual input. Regardless of the meditation style, though, cut yourself some slack if you find your mind wandering.

"Meditation allows you to observe the kind of reactions that are happening that you weren't aware of," says Thomas. As your mind may begin to allow external thoughts to float in, "you can learn where your attention is typically going," then decide if that's worth your energy (i.e. emotional vampires).

Ready to zen out? Here, the best meditation videos—all easily accessible and waiting for you to press play.

The 6 Best Meditation Videos On YouTube

Consider this your starter pack to at-home meditation videos for easy access to some zen when you ~really~ need it. Since no size fits all, we've rounded up a variety of meditation video options for you to "try on" as you tune in to your thoughts and sensations. Remember, if the visuals aren't doing it for you, you can also close your eyes and simply listen.

"It's important that the person guiding the meditation feels like a 'fit' for you, both in intention and energy, as well as their voice, their cadence and their delivery," says Thomas.

Best Meditation Video If Your Emotions Are All Over the Place: At-Home Meditation with Lodro Rinzler

This quick Shape meditation video will help you disembark the emotional roller coaster that is the 24/7 news cycle, the drama with your mom, or a nit-picky boss. Lodro Rinzler, a meditation teacher and author, has a soothing voice and beneficial physical cues to calm and ground you.

Best Meditation Video for Positive Vibes: Beginner's Guide to Meditation for a Positive and Productive Day

Sadia, the creator of the blog Pick Up Limes, attended a six-week meditation course and a two-day silent retreat, and is now sharing what she learned in a short meditation video series aimed to ease newbies into an optimism-boosting practice. She's not a guru or officially trained teacher—something to note if that matters to you—but this also means this meditation video feels like you're zen-ing out with your BFF.

Best Meditation Video If You're In a Hurry: 5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere

Take five—minutes, that is. This five-minute Goodful meditation video talks you through a meditation with a calm, sage green screen for you to focus on. Try it after the end of a hectic workday to ease into your evening (and not feel like you want to scream at your partner or roommate).

Best Meditation Video If You're Feeling Frazzled or Anxious: Meditation for Anxiety

Yoga with Adrienne, an all-around favorite YouTube fitness star, omits the movement from her chill yoga flows and focuses on a seated mindfulness session in this meditation video. It has nearly 2 million views for a reason: The 15-minute practice will leave you feeling serene and connected to your internal compass. (

Best Meditation Video for Mornings: Morning Guided Meditation with Deepak Chopra

Craving more visual than audio engagement? Gaze on starry patterns in this meditation video from Deepak Chopra (Oprah's meditation guru) that starts with a 3-minute sermon, then allows you to watch and listen to spa music for the following 11 minutes.

Best Meditation Video for Right Before Bed: Easy Guided Meditation for Beginners: 15 Minutes Meditation for Clarity and Relaxation

This easy-to-follow meditation video from Yoga with Kassandra will help you wind down even after the craziest days. One great line that will stay with you? "Just like a tree lifts up into the branches and stretches up tall, you want to feel the upper body lift and expand, bringing a quality of lightness and spaciousness to the chest and the heart—merging the two opposing forces." (Want even more inspo? Follow these meditation accounts for Insta-Zen.)

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