These tools (not just a selfie stick!) will help you take better selfies

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So long shaky hands and awkward mirror shots. Companies are creating products that help you take better, more flattering selfies than ever before-perfect for snapping your #ShowusyouroutFIT pic! Selfie sticks may have started it all, but these fun and easy-to-use tools are sleeker and more discrete. So slip into your favorite gym duds and show us your best ready-to-sweat shot. We can't wait to see your beautiful self(ie)!

Shutter Camera Phone Remote Control: Step one: Download the free app to your smartphone. Step two: Use the tiny stand to prop up your phone. Step three: Strike a pose and click the remote. Easy as that! Bonus: the remote works up to nearly 10 feet away from your phone. ($20;

CamMe: The CamMe iPhone app puts the perfect hands-free selfie in the palm of your hands-no special gadgets required. Stabilize your smartphone on a surface (such as a counter or a treadmill display), step a few feet away, then raise your hands and close your fist. The app senses your motion and gives you a few seconds to get in position before taking the perfect shot. (Free; iTunes)

Photojojo Lens: Go ahead, let your inner camera nerd run free! These sleek little lenses easily attach to your Apple or Android device, giving you a more flattering frame than your camera's built-in wide-angle allows. Choose among fisheye, macro, telephoto, or polarized (or swipe them all up for $99) to get a higher quality #ShowusyouroutFIT shot even if you're take the selfie with an outstretched arm approach. ($20 per lens;