Science, not silence.

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
April 24, 2017

Saturday, March 22, was Earth Day. But while the holiday is normally celebrated with a few speeches and some tree planting, this year thousands of people gathered in Washington D.C. and 600 other locations around the world to march for science. The March For Science was organized as a protest against President Trump's legislation that significantly cut funding to the sciences in general and environmental science in particular.

"Today we have a great many lawmakers-not just here but around the world-deliberately ignoring and actively suppressing science," said Bill Nye, a TV host and academic best known for being "The Science Guy," in a speech at the D.C. march, pointing out that science has increased our standard of living in every area, including health. "Their inclination is misguided and in no one's best interest. Our lives are in every way improved by having clean water, reliable electricity and access to electronic global information."

Here are some of our favorite health-related science signs:

Reminding us that women are some of our greatest scientists... with a little help from the LEGO NASA scientists.

Antibiotic resistance is no joke.

This guy wants to put your anxiety about flying to rest.

Yogurt, sourdough bread, cheese, beer-when you think about it, so many of our favorite foods come from microbes. #protectourgerms

All the '80s kids know it's true.

A public health truth bomb courtesy of the periodic table.

Big brains are just as beautiful as big butts, and you can get a lot more done with them.

Pretty much no one remembers what polio really looks like anymore... which is a great thing!

Dogs need science too.

Aw, who can resist a cute kid, much less a cute kid with a cool sign? Have all the earth you want, buddy! Just take good care of it.

A reference to The Cancer Genome Atlas project and Scrabble? Be still our geeky hearts.

Science gave us better birth control.

A certain president may have advocated grabbing women by the pussy but this man has the perfect scientific answer:

We need more women and money in science.

The one time it's totally appropriate to call a female this...

Science saves lives. Period.

This sign wants you to remember that vaccines are a public health miracle, brought to you courtesy of science.

Getting more women into STEM fields means getting girls interested young.

A plug for climate change awareness and birth control.

If you're reading this on a cellphone you have science to thank.

Who doesn't love a good behavioral health study? Mice circus tricks are just a bonus.

Most of the time MRSA is a nasty germ you can pick up at the gym. But on Earth Day it has a much better meaning:

Cute puppy + throwback to childhood = a lesson we still love.


Threat or promise?

Ever wonder how all those health studies get done? Just ask a scientist, they're more than happy to tell you all about the research!

When you think about it, the basics of healthy living really are clean air and fresh water. You can worry about carbs later.

Knowledge is power.

We're all with her:

The only way to be heard is to speak up.