I truly can't get to sleep without each of these products.

By Kylie Gilbert
March 11, 2019
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When it comes to sleep, I'm a bit of a snob. I find I need more hours of sleep than the average person to feel at my best (at least nine, thankyouverymuch). And I'm picky about the products I use to set me up for the absolute best sleep experience possible. After years of testing products, I've finally gotten it down to a science.

In honor of Sleep Awareness Week, here are the products that help me doze off easier and sleep better.

Leesa Hybrid Pillow

You may think all pillows are created equal, but prepare to be convinced otherwise. Leesa's hybrid pillow is perfect for sleeping on your back, side, or stomach, thanks to a removable insert that lets you customize your level of support. It's also ~reversible~. One side has quilted down-like pockets so it stays nice and fluffy, and the other is a "ventilated gel comfort" material, so you can get that "cool side of the pillow" effect all night. (Related: These Tech Products Can Help You Recover from Your Workout While You Sleep)

Buy It, $125, westelm.com

H. Gillerman Organics Essential Oil Sleep Remedy

I always have essential oils on hand while traveling or working to help keep migraines at bay or just to de-stress, but this lavender version is my favorite for sleep. A few sniffs and the lavender (widely known to be a sleep aid) instantly makes me feel more relaxed and calms my mind so I can doze off faster. (Related: The Best Essential Oils You Can Buy On Amazon)

Buy It, $48, anthropologie.com

Slip Silk Pillowcase

I've written about these before as a must-have beauty product. The silk fabric helps minimize friction and tugging on the skin to prevent wrinkles and frizz, and (unlike cotton pillowcases) it won't draw moisture away from your skin or hair. But on top of the fact that you'll wake up with better skin and hair, you'll also just sleep better with one of these since they stay nice and cool. While pricey, it will instantly upgrade your bed setup for a more luxurious, hotel-like experience. If you're on the go, try the Slip travel set, which comes with a silk eye mask to help block out light. (FYI, experts say you should really start using an eye mask every night for better sleep.)

Buy It, $85, nordstrom.com

Brooklinen Candle In "Dusk"

Lighting a candle is a pre-sleep ritual that always helps create the right ambiance for sleep. While I switch up the candle I'm burning often, this "Dusk" scent, which I discovered in Brooklinen's AM to PM gift set, is currently on heavy rotation for cold winter nights. The "cozy cabin in the woods" aroma makes me feel like I'm dozing off in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve. And at its relatively affordable $35 price point, I don't feel guilty about using it every night.

Buy It, $35, brooklinen.com

Casper Glow Light

If you're wary of candles pre-sleep for obvious reasons, consider this new light from mattress brand Casper. The recent addition to my nightstand provides the perfect amount of warm light for reading, and then it slowly dims to lull you to sleep (you can adjust the timing in the corresponding app). In the middle of the night, you can use it as a portable nightlight for trips to the bathroom or kitchen. And in the morning, it slowly turns on at a pre-set time, mimicking the sun to help you feel more awake. As someone who finds it especially difficult to pull myself out of bed in the winter, this is a game-changer.

Buy It, $99, casper.com

Gap Print Joggers In Modal

If you aren't able to sleep naked (or just don't like the feeling and germ exposure...wait, am I the only one?!) these pajama pants are the next best thing. The modal fabric is super soft and lightweight (they don't provide a ton of coverage, FYI) so you won't overheat while you sleep like you might in heavy flannel or fleece pants. I've bought several pairs over the years (as well as the modal robe and shorts) and never sleep quite as well when they're in my hamper.

Buy It, $34, gap.com

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Did I mention I'm also a bit of a lip balm snob? This "sleeping mask" from Korean skin-care brand Laneige has become my go-to around the clock (it contains hyaluronic acid and is enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants from four different berries, giving it a subtly sweet scent), but it's especially helpful pre-bed if you tend to forget to apply lip balm throughout the day. The "moisture wrap" technology provides a protective film over your lips to lock in moisture, so you wake up with softer, smoother lips. It's so good, I've convinced at least three friends to pick one up at Sephora. (Related:Use These Bedtime Beauty Products When You Need to Seriously De-Stress)

Buy It, $20, sephora.com

Brooklyn Bedding Tencel Sateen Sheets

If you run hot, you'll appreciate these silky-soft Tencel and modal sheets that actually absorb moisture so you stay cool and dry while you sleep. They also stay super soft even after washing, making them well worth the investment. (Related: The Sleep and Exercise Connection That Can Change Your Life and Your Workouts)

Buy It, $179 for Queen, brooklynbedding.com

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March 12, 2019
The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is only $13 on Amazon https://amzn.to/2EXDq5v , instead of $20 on Sephora.