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The Best Apps for Tracking Your Period


flo period tracker app

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Flo is a great app if you're looking for simple, straightforward data. In its most basic form, you track your period start date and duration, but you also have the ability to track more symptoms. The insights tab provides information to help you understand the hows and whys of your menstrual cycle—dig deeper into articles that are customized based on the data you enter. (Free; Android and iOS)

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Period Tracker Lite

Period tracker lite app

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One push of a button in the Period Tracker Lite app signifies that your period has begun. However, upgrading to the deluxe version allows for the most customization compared to other apps in the category. The deluxe version features a huge variety of symptoms that you're able to select and track over the course of your cycle, including 30 different moods which, if you know mood swings, sounds about right. (Free–$1.99; Android and iOS)

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clue period tracker app

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Clue has a surprisingly sophisticated design, so you feel more like a woman tracking her time of the month than a pre-teen just getting the hang of it. You have the ability to track cycle patterns and schedule birth control, breast checks, and period start date reminders. Clue is a "smart" app in that its predictions for start date, length of cycle, and days menstruating become more accurate the longer you use it. (Free; Android and iOS)

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Apple Health Kit

apple healthkit period tracking app

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Tracking in the Apple Health Kit is very basic but could be the best option for women who just want a monthly record of their cycle. Plus, the kit has the ability to sync with more comprehensive period tracking apps. (Clue and Period Tracker Lite can both be integrated into the Apple kit.) (Free; iOS)

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Fitbit App

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The introduction of the Fitbit Versa (available in stores and online in April) brings you a period tracker for your wrist. Seeing where you are in your cycle and when your period is expected to start will be available in the app for all Fitbit users who identify as female and on the new health dashboard for the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic watches. The app will make smart predictions about your cycle based on data entered and can show patterns over time. Fitbit hopes that recording health information all in one place will help females make correlations between activity, sleep, menstrual cycle, and their overall health. ($200 for Fitbit Versa Watch;

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