Support diversity in the wellness industry by making your next activewear, healthy snack, or candle purchase from one of these Black-owned brands.

By Jamie Harrison
June 11, 2020
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In the vast world of wellness, it's no secret that women of color have often been overlooked. While this may seem obvious to some and not-so-much to others, proper representation has long been a struggle in the wellness community. To put it plainly, the wellness industry has been overwhelmingly white for far too long. And while some Black self-care queens (and kings!) have successfully created their own lane, it's time that they received the spotlight and support they rightfully deserve.

That's where you—as a consumer—come in. While these products and brands were designed with melanin in mind, they're sure to appeal to anyone. Continuous support and elevation of black-owned wellness brands will help diversify the market and ensure proper representation. And because true solidarity is most effective when we all work together, it's important to remember that these brands need our support just not today or next week, but all year round. (More here: Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Buy from RN)

In honor of self-care and recognizing black businesses, we've rounded up a list of incredible black-owned health and wellness brands—from healthy snacks and supplements to activewear and CBD—to support, now and for the long haul.

Vibes & Vinyasa

Let's get one thing straight: This isn't your typical Vinyasa class or studio. It's a tribe—and the Black women behind Vibes & Vinyasa wouldn't have it any other way. Determined to challenge the misconceptions and lack of representation of yoga in the Black community, co-founders Ronnie Howard and Cohbe Berkeley created an inclusive yoga practice that's committed to providing creating safe spaces that embrace all body types, fitness levels, genders, and ethnicities. While they previously held various yoga pop-up classes in the Philadelphia area, you can now get in on the zen via their donation-based classes on IG Live. (Haven't quite found your ~flow~ with yoga yet? Don't sweat it—it also took time for Jessamyn Stanley to become the yoga legend she is today.)


The Glamourina activewear brand was created to motivate women of color to live healthy and active lifestyles. Their culturally-inspired gear was specifically designed to represent women of all skin tones, body shapes, and physical attributes. Their high-waist leggings feature a moisture-wicking performance fabric, deep pockets, and breathable mesh—keeping you cute, cool, and comfortable.

Black Girl in Om

An online "space for women of color to breathe easy," Black Girl In Om promotes holistic healing and inner beauty for communities of women who are often overlooked by traditional outlets. Since it's 2014 inception by wellness visionary Lauren Ash, Black Girl In Om has continued to foster an inclusive community that encourages self-love and self-care through its newsletter, series of guided meditations, and the eponymous podcast. Most recently the (donation-based) organization hosted a five-week virtual meditation course called The Circle and will do so again in summer 2020.

Posh Candle Co.

Disclaimer: You're going to want to have your credit card out and ready for this one because these candles are ~lit~. But seriously. With names such as "Boss Lady," "Bad and Bougie," and "Do Nothing & Chill," these scented soy candles are designed to encourage authenticity, spark laughter (I meaaan, there's one called "F*ckboy Repellant"), and promote the undeniable calm of a candle's flame. They're made with premium fragrance oils to captivate the senses and non-GMO soy wax to help sustain the environment. These fun statement candles are sure to spark (get it?) conversations and make for a fire Insta (can't stop!).

Mama Glow

Mama Glow, a maternity lifestyle brand, seeks to support women at one of the most powerful and most vulnerable times in their lives—at the threshold of new motherhood. Founded by author and master birth doula Latham Thomas, Mama Glow helps women navigate every stage of the reproductive process, from menstruation through birth to new motherhood. How does the platform make this all possible? Through an array of offerings, from prenatal yoga classes and mindfulness training to doula services and lifestyle coaching on topics such as prenatal careall of which is extremely critical given the fact that black mothers face a higher risk of pregnancy-related complications. (See also: How Mama Glow Founder Latham Thomas Wants to Change the Birthing Process for the Better)


Noirebud is a woman-owned luxury CBD brand that "has everything you need for an elevated calm." Offering high-quality, carefully-curated products that range from intimacy oil and body salves to oral drops and herbal teas, the brand overall is, in founder Carolyn Gray's words, "unapologetically bold and [her]." Praise hands emoji. (More here: Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of CBD)

Essie Spice

Founder and owner, Essie Bartels' love for cooking and flavor began at a young age. Drawing from her experiences in her grandmother's kitchen, Bartels built a brand of delicious spices and rubs made with ingredients imported from her home country, Ghana. She also combines her West African roots with her global travels to create traditional tastings with a twist. For example, the Mekko Dry Rub offers a subtle blend of Asian and West-African spices that can be used on fish, lamb, chicken, shrimp, or beef. Is your mouth watering yet? Uh, same. Essie Spice products are sold online as well as at Whole Foods and other retailers. (BTW, did you know you can make your own spice blends at home?)

The Honey Pot Company

Bacterial vaginosis is, well, a bitch. And no one knows that better than Bea Dixon, who, after suffering from BV, was inspired to make products that protect and balance the vagina's natural flora and ph balance. The Honey Pot's offerings include feminine wipes and washes (FWIW, I swear by the "Sensitive Wash"), pads, tampons, and menstrual cups—all of which are organic, clinically tested, and gynecologist-approved. The brand also partners with Happy Period—an organization that provides menstrual hygiene kits to the underserved. So, next time you stock up (because let's be honest, you're already down to your last 'pon), be sure to add a "#HappyPeriod Pin" to your cart to help donate feminine products to those in need. (Related: Why You Absolutely Need to Care About Period Poverty and Stigma)

Banana Skirt

Who doesn't want to listen to a little Bey while they get their workout on? Former music industry exec Akina Rahmaan founded Banana Skirt an as alternative, yet fun and engaging approach to health and fitness. While their studio's located in New York City, you can now break it down to R&B, hip-hop, and pop music from the comfort of your home (thanks @ quarantine). Self-described as "dance fitness classes for the non-dancer," Banana Skirt choreos promise to build your dance confidence (you know, for any future club hopping) and change up the way you sweat. (See also: Strengthen Your Core with This Viral Dance Move Workout)


You know what they say: Age is just a number. And this is especially true for beauty and supplement brand, Golde, which is only a few years old (three, as of publication), but has made quite the name for itself. After all, when Golde launched at Sephora in 2019, co-founder and CEO Trinity Mouzon Wofford became the youngest woman of color to ever launch a brand at the beauty retailer. This Brooklyn-born brand features products that are centered on superfood-boosted essentials that benefit your body inside and out. With the intention of bringing good vibes into the wellness community, Golde offers everything from turmeric and matcha teas to chlorophyll face masks. Between their skin care goodies, superfood elixirs, and irresistible aesthetic on Instagram, Golde is veritable mana for millennials—and I am so here for it. (Speaking of face masks, check out these Black-owned beauty brands for *all* your skin care solutions.)

Oh-Mazing Food

If you're feeling a little snack-y, but still want to keep it healthy, the granola connoisseurs at Oh-Mazing Food have you covered. First, a little background: It all began when owner Stephanie Williams was on the hunt to provide her family with a healthier lifestyle. But, ICYMI, supermarket shelves are often stocked with unhealthy, allergen-packed, and processed (ugh) products. So Williams turned to what she knows best—making food from scratch—and went on to create a specialty line of granola that's nut-, soy-, wheat-, and preservative-free. The best news, however, is that her products are also sold on Amazon. (And if you've never tried making homemade granola, now's the time.)


Located in Brooklyn, New York, HealHaus is part-wellness space, part-café founded by Darian Hall and Elisa Shankle. Created to provide an inclusive environment for healing, HealHaus offers yoga and meditation workshops from a diverse range of practitioners and modalities. While their storefront is currently closed (also thanks to COVID-19), you can book and stream donate-based sessions online, as well as shop some of their smoothie and tea blends to bring a taste of the café to your kitchen.

Ivy's Tea Co.

Inspired by childhood teatime with her grandmother, founder and herbalist Shanae Jones combined hip-hop culture and herbalism to create a holistic health brand. With teas named "Green Bae," "Sister Sister," and "Nip's Tea" (after the late rapper/entrepreneur), Jones aims to create a fun and innovative experience for all hot bev fans. In addition to selling locally-sourced, handcrafted teas and herb-infused sweeteners, Jones strives to make the tea market more inclusive through the site's blog, which is essentially a masterclass on everything herb-related (including recipes!). She also recently started Ivy Cares, a philanthropic venture that supports organizations on a mission to uplift marginalized communities.

PUR Home Clean

Natural. Non-toxic. Eco-friendly. Now those are three words you definitely want to hear when it comes to products you're using to clean your clothes and your house. Meet, PUR Home, a consciousness cleaning company that produces a range of essential household cleaners, from laundry detergent to floor cleaner to disinfectant spray. (As if you needed another reason to purchase from PUR Home, cleaning can actually improve your mental and physical health.)


Founded by Crystal Etienne in 2015, Ruby Love (née PantyProp) is a period apparel company devoted to designing comfortable, innovative pieces that leave leaks in the past. While RubyLove makes an array of leak-proof period panties, they also sell swimsuits, bodysuits, leggings, pajamas, and even men’s undies (because incontinence can happen to everyone, folks).


Like popcorn, but with an "i." When Jen Martin originally founded the healthy snack brand in 2012, it comprised one thing and one thing only: heirloom popcorn, essentially a mini variety of popcorn with an extra crunch. Eight years (and an appearance on Shark Tank, NBD) later, this snack is now just one of the company’s many delicious offerings. Choose from an array of non-GMO goodies, from gluten-free Cheddar Cheese Balls to Sea Salt Corn Dippers.

B Condoms

Safety never sleeps, dear readers. So, consider adding some of b condom's vegan and all-natural sheaths to your cart. Available in two sizes "Classic" and "Platinum XL" (nothing like a good ego-boost, amirite?), b condoms are made of thin latex that's triple-tested and FDA-approved, so you can feel safe about slipping anything in. (Steer clear of these common condom mistakes as well.)


Dana Knowles Licko isn’t afraid to share her story—and for that, everyone should be thankful. After battling a post-surgery painkiller addiction, Knowles Licko still felt awful: Her hair started falling out, her gut was a mess, she couldn’t sleep, and she had no energy. So she started researching and then experimenting with various blends of adaptogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and collagen. Fast forward to today and Knowles Licko credits these blends for healing her brain and body and, thus, founded GoDeep to share her solutions with the world. Each of GoDeep’s blends is crafted with natural ingredients and has an intention, such as the POWER Protein Blend, which is made with vanilla collagen, blue spirulina, and dopamine bean with the goal of energizing. (Related: How One Woman Used Alternative Medicine to Overcome Her Opioid Dependency)


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