Because no, the Instagram booty isn't the way we all walk around looking IRL.

By Faith Brar

Louise Aubery is a 20-year-old French fitfluencer who is all about showing how healthy living can be super fun and easy if you're doing things you love. She also understands the power that comes with her platform, and the danger of only ever seeing perfectly posed photos of influencers and models. Recently, she decided to keep it real and share a post to prove that angles are everything-regardless of what your fitness level might be. (Related: This Body Positive Advocate Wants You to Stop Striving for the Perfect Angle)

In the photo, Louise is doing something we've all surely done before in the mirror: Squeezing her butt. In the side-by-side photo, she highlights just how much it can change the appearance of your booty, compared to the popped pose we normally see on Instagram.

And the thing is, everyone's butt looks like this when you squeeze it. Just like everyone's hips and thighs expand sideways when you kneel, and everyone's stomach wrinkles when you sit down. (Example A: Anna Victoria and example B: Jen Widerstrom.)

While this shouldn't be revolutionary, it's rarely the way we see butts on Instagram. It can be easy to forget that these "flaws" are universal when all you see on your feed is one perfectly-posed booty after the next.

The message Louise posted with the photo is also a reminder that a "perfect" body will always be an unattainable goal. "Yes, I work out. Yes, I eat healthy. No, I do not have a perfect body," she wrote alongside the photos.

"When I started working out, I had these crazy expectations on the body I hoped/wanted to get," she wrote. "Finally, I will get a thigh gap, a flat stomach, and no more cellulite!" she thought to herself at the time.

But whether or not you have these physical traits, Louis wants people to know that "healthy" is not a look, it's a lifestyle. "Yes, I still store fat on my stomach. Yes, I still have cellulite. And yes, I am still healthy." (Related: How Kelly Clarkson Learned That Being Thin Isn't the Same As Being Healthy)

She ends her post by reminding us: "Your body is NOT the enemy" and urges us to be kinder to ourselves.

This isn't the first time Louise has opened up about society's unattainable standards of beauty-which are often perpetuated by models and influencers on Instagram. Earlier this year, she shared a post about what is and isn't seen as "attractive."

In the post, Louise asks: "What is an attractive body exactly? Society has a weird definition of being 'attractive.' It implies you fitting standards, looking like models on billboards. A body with curves, but not too much; with definition, but not too much; tall, but not too much. I think the word that highlights this most is 'flawless.'" (Related: Katie Willcox Wants You to Know That You're So Much More Than What You See In the Mirror)

She continued by urging us to remove the word from our vocabulary altogether. "It is just so wrong. Because it is what it makes us aspire to. Having NO flaws," she wrote. "At least it is what I aspired to, for so long. But it is so dumb. No one has 'no flaws.' It all depends on the angle we choose to see things. So next time you feel bad about yourself, remember to choose the positive one." Preach.

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