Used to calm down both hyper preschoolers and stressed AF adults

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: July 25, 2016

Remember making stress balls out of sand and balloons when you were a kid? Well, thanks to the creativeness of the Interwebs, we have the newest, coolest, most beautiful de-stressing tool that you can make right in your home. Imagine a mix between your childhood obsession with glitter + hipster-chic Mason jars + what the inside of your brain probably looks like when you eat chocolate. Meet, calming jars.

While there's no scientific proof of the effect of calming jars (also known as calm-down jars or glitter jars), the idea is that they promote mindfulness and reduce anxiety (kind of like these easy anxiety-busting tips). Just imagine the glitter swallowing up all your worries.

They look like something from another galaxy, but they're a cinch to make: just fill a jar with hot water, add some glue, dump in your desired colors of glitter, and shake. You can even make other versions using glitter glue, liquid soap, or corn syrup, according to Preschool Inspirations-and, no, you should not feel silly making something normally used to calm down preschoolers. (No time to make one? This GIF can help you de-stress in seconds.)

You can also go with a sunset-hued mix:

Or make a lineup of colors so you can choose one to fit your mood.

Find a teeny-tiny jar so you can de-stress anytime, anywhere.



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