Watch Cassey Ho Prove How Easy It Is to Fake an Instagram Model Butt

It's something you need to see to believe.

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and felt like it's a test of your self-esteem? If you follow a lot of models and fitfluencers, at one point or another you've probably felt overwhelmed by the barrage of posts flaunting overpriced outfits, flawless hairstyles, and seriously sculpted bodies with toned abs and perfectly round booties. So when an influential person on Instagram gets real and proves how deceiving these photos can be, it's a breath of fresh air.

Blogilates founder, Cassey Ho is the latest influencer to give Instagrammers a reality check. She posted a quick video to prove that the "Instagram model butt" is usually an illusion.


In the pilates guru's clip, she poses in a mirror next to BFF and professional dancer Alex Wong. They both pout their lips and pop their booties, which look suspiciously large and perky. Seconds later, the duo stands up to reveal that they'd been using pans (yes, pans—the things you use to cook food) to make it look like they had enormous, envy-worthy butts. You have to see it to believe it.

"How to get an Instagram model butt for only $4.99," Ho captioned the post.

Jokes aside though, that's how easy it can be to trick people into believing that they're seeing the "perfect" body, or in this case booty, on Instagram. And all Ho needed to use was a pan.

Ho's illusion is another necessary reminder to take everything you see on Instagram with a grain of salt. Social media can be a far cry from what exists (and truly matters) in real life.

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