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Cheap Health Tips from The Price is Right Cast

Cheap Health Tips from The Price is Right Cast

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To see just how little you can spend and look completely amazing, we checked in with the cast of The Price is Right. The show featured a SHAPE showcase including a home gym and spa getaway, which definitely help you look great. But the cast also divulged that you can get a pretty rocking body for little or no bucks. Here’s what host Drew Carey and cast recommend.

Price is Right Host: Drew Carey

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After dropping 80 pounds (see his dramatic before and after pics), Drew Carey stays slim by packing his diet with fresh veggies. "Always cheaper than a pizza, and they fill you up without a lot of calories.” Drew’s frugal fitness strategy? Hit the trails! "Running is about the cheapest exercise you can do. A decent pair of shoes and you're set."

Price is Right Model: Rachel Reynolds

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Rachel Reynolds stays fit for cheap thanks to a great workout partner—her husband. They motivate each other at the gym and cook at home to save money and calories. "We know exactly what we're putting in our meal so we can make it as healthy (or unhealthy) as we want." 

Price is Right Model: Manuela Arbaleaz

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Manuela Arbalaez's secret to saving cash and calories is avoiding temptation. "Since I love sweet carbs, I try to never buy them at the grocery store." Manuela also does cardio on the beach and strength training at home to save on gym membership fees. Home workouts can be incredibly effective, and you don’t even need much equipment. Try these three fat-blasting routines in your living room.

Price is Right Model: Amber Lancaster

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Amber Lancaster stays in shape (for free!) by constantly moving around The Price is Right set and enjoying the great outdoors (her favorite hiking trail is Solstice Canyon in Malibu). Amber’s healthy indulgence is her Clarisonic skin cleanser. "It feels like I just got a facial every time I wash my face." Take 5 years off your look with the best new beauty products.

Price is Right Model: Gwendolyn Osborne

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When Gwendolyn Osborne isn't getting a workout chasing her 2-year-old around, she saves money by working out on the trails. "LA has so many choices in hiking trails, so I just pick one, grab a friend, and run!" Her indulgence of choice? Hitting up one of her favorite spas in LA or Las Vegas. Turn a splurge into a save with these 10 do-it-yourself spa treatments.


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