The CrossFit athlete looked back on her first month as a new mom in a touching Instagram post.

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Christmas Abbott wearing glasses holding baby son Loyal Atticus
Credit: Instagram/@christmasabbott

No one can deny that Christmas Abbott is strong. The Big Brother alum has displayed serious skill as a CrossFit Games competitor and Olympic weightlifter. But lifting heavy isn't the only thing that makes her feel powerful.

Abbott recently shared a candid photo of herself breastfeeding her eight-month-old son, Loyal. In the caption, she reflected on everything she dealt with during her first month postpartum. Looking back at those difficult first weeks of motherhood now leaves her in awe of her own strength, Abbott shared. (Related: Christmas Abbott Shares Why She Doesn't Want a "Chiseled" Body After Having a Baby)

"I cried when I saw this pic from Loyal's first month of life," Abbott wrote in her caption. "I cried because I had a title [sic] wave of memories of what I was coping with at the time. How intensely amazing it was and how incredibly HARD it was."

When the photo was taken, Abbott was healing from a C-section and unable to get out of bed, she wrote. "I was still swollen and in chronic pain from the pregnancy making it even more difficult to get around," she explained.

Eight months later, she now appreciates the strength it took to take care of Loyal while she was still feeling the effects of pregnancy. "I recall these perceived negative things because I was strong enough to handle it even though at the time I didn't see or know my own strength capacity," she wrote. "I'm so grateful for that struggle, it paved the way for me to truly enjoy life now and be in the present moment." (Related: 5 Christmas Abbott Quotes That Redefine Badass)

Photographer Nic Rey, who shot and originally posted the photo, wrote a tribute to Abbott's abilities. "Visiting my dear friend @christmasabbott and @loyal.atticus months ago, I pulled out my disposable camera," she captioned the photo. "I was in awe of this new single mama! She was sleep deprived, breastfeeding, and running her businesses, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!"

Take it from the woman who literally wrote the book on what it takes to be a badass: Giving birth and meeting the demands of early motherhood takes incredible strength.