The fitness-hopping membership putting beauty and wellness at members' fingertips.
Photo: Syda Productions / Shutterstock

ClassPass blazed a trail in the fitness-sphere, letting studio junkies workout-hop to their hearts' desire. When they discontinued the unlimited membership, it broke some hearts. (Although, we did the math, and it's still a kickass deal even without the unlimited option.)

Their latest announcement might just be enough to win everyone back, though. They're testing a new amenity that allows members to find and book beauty and wellness services right through the ClassPass platform.

That's right: Now, you can book a massage, facial, cryotherapy, float spa, infrared sauna, or acupuncture appointment just as easily as you can snag a bike at tonight's Flywheel class. Options to book spa treatments or sauna time will appear right alongside tonight's yoga classes or Friday a.m.'s HIIT classes.

The catch is that this pilot program is only available for a certain subset of randomly chosen users in New York City-for now. (In NYC? Go peep your ClassPass app right now to see if you're one of the lucky few.) ClassPass doesn't have set plans (yet!) for making this available to all members, but they're dedicated to the idea of having all your wellness needs in one spot.

"Our mission at ClassPass has always been to motivate people to lead inspired lives by connecting them to soul-nurturing experiences," said Payal Kadakia, founder and chair of ClassPass, in a release. "Access to wellness services will help our users live their lives more fully. It has always been our goal to expand beyond fitness classes, because fitness is only part of the equation that contributes to health and happiness."

And, honestly, it's perfect timing: A huge chunk of millennial women made it their New Year's resolution to prioritize self-care and mental health. That's why the fitness industry as a whole (now, including ClassPass) is starting to incorporate self-care into their idea of health. You get some self-care, you get some self-care, you get some self-care!

Bummed you can't take advantage of the new services yet? In the meantime, consider tackling these self-care resolutions on your own.