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Assess your personal odds of getting breast cancer by answering a simple questionnaire about your age and weight, medical history, eating and exercise habits, and more.

Find steps on doing a self-exam properly, as well as guidelines for measuring your breasts so you can find a bra that fits. Check out the extensive bookstore as well as the Breast Blog for chats on topics ranging from breast-feeding to reconstructive

The Web site pairs up patients who have had a similar diagnosis and offers helpful and reassuring advice for friends and family members of a loved one with breast

This year-round resource from the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month organization offers everything from breakthrough breast-cancer news to recipes that help ward off chemo-induced

The National Cancer Institute's Web site boasts straightforward medical know-how on clinical trials, treatment options, and followup care. Its "What you need to know about breast cancer" guide provides a helpful list of questions to ask your M.D.

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