This Floss Turned Dental Hygiene Into My Favorite Form of Self-Care

Nearly two years of using this coconut-oil floss and my dentist called my mouth "perfect." I repeat: perfect.

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After two rounds of braces (one of which, btw, involved full-on headgear), four impacted, needed-to-be-drilled-out-of-my-mouth wisdom teeth, and a perpetual case of TMJ, my relationship status with my mouth was, as you can imagine, not great.

Sure, I brushed my teeth twice daily and wore my retainers nightly (because third time is not a charm when it comes to braces), but...flossing? That blood-inducing nightmare was exclusively reserved for the week prior to my yearly cleaning—until, however, I discovered Cocofloss (Buy It, $9,,,

Of course, there are days where I still forget to floss or, tbh, am just so lazy that I'm lucky if I can convince myself to even brush my teeth before bed. But since I started using Cocofloss, treating my teeth to some much-needed TLC is not only a welcomed part of my nighttime routine but also an enjoyable (read: no pain, no blood) step too.

Unlike the laminated strings and plastic picks inundating the oral health market, each string of Cocofloss is made of hundreds of polyester filaments woven together and coated with coconut oil. The textured weave allows the floss to scrub in between teeth similar to how an exfoliating loofah would your body, trapping and removing any grime. In case you doubt the Cocofloss' effectiveness, the fibers are colored a bright blue that contrasts with the yellow gunk—the plaque—you're removing from around your teeth and gums leaving you with concrete evidence of a job well done and, to me, a sensation of sweet satisfaction.

And let's not forget about the coconut oil. Turns out the high-fat cooking oil is also an essential component to make flossing a surprisingly smooth experience. It helps you thread the string in between the tightest of places—thank you, years of braces—and then soothes your gums as you wiggle the floss up and down. I'll be honest, upon entering the floss game nearly two years ago, I still experienced some pain and blood even with Cocofloss (after all, my gums were neglected for a long time). But the coconut oil made adapting to my new hygienic habit that much easier. Within a couple of days, the process was official, dare I say it, enjoyable. (And it didn't hurt knowing that flossing also helps prevent diseases.)

Did I mention that it's also available in multiple "aromas" or flavors? My favorite is the 100 percent natural Delicious Mint, which combines spearmint oil, cornmint oil, anise camphor, and menthol to create a fresh fragrance that makes my mouth feel even cleaner. If you're more into tropical tastes, Cocofloss also comes in Fresh Coconut, Strawberries, and Cara Cara Orange and, for gelato-lovers, there's also Chocolate and Vanilla Bean.

A single container will set you back $9 on Sephora, Anthropologie, or Cocofloss, but, hey, it is worth it. Case in point? After nearly two years of Cocofloss-ing, I officially have a mouth that warrants an "everything looks great" response from my dentist, which not only feels great but is also fantastic for my health. All smiles over here.

Buy It: Cocofloss, $9,,,

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