Reminder: The number on the scale isn't the only (or, frankly, even the best) indicator of your health.

By Faith Brar
February 06, 2019

Facts: You can love your body and feel confident AF and it can *still* be challenging not to let a number on the scale leave you feeling defeated sometimes. Fitness influencer Katie (behind the Instagram account @confidentiallykatie) is no stranger to that feeling.

The blogger and self-love advocate, who underwent an impressive transformation using Kayla Itsine's BBG program, recently shared what happened after she stepped on the scale after ages-and learned that she'd gained weight. (Related: I Survived the Kayla Itsines BBG Workout Program-and Now I'm Tougher In *and* Out of the Gym)

"I stopped using my scale a long time ago after realizing it caused a lot more harm than good for me," she wrote on Instagram alongside two side-by-side photos of herself. "But this past weekend a doctor weighed me and I was surprised to see that my weight was about 10 pounds heavier than I thought it was.⁣"

Like many people, Katie had a number in mind that she considered to be her "healthy weight" or, as she wrote, "the weight your body just feels good at." She was surprised to learn that she still felt good despite the number being higher than she anticipated-but it was hard not to let negative thoughts take over.

"I'll be honest with you," she wrote. "For all the declarations in my posts of 'screw the scale' and 'who cares how much you weigh?' when that number popped up on the screen I definitely felt deflated. Alarmed. Self-conscious. Had I regressed? Was I overeating and underexercising? Did everyone else notice that I was gaining weight EXCEPT me?!⁣ I let those feelings wash over me for a few minutes and then I literally told my brain to STOP.⁣" (Here's why we love this woman's "don't know, don't care" approach to the scale.)

Katie then took a step back and reminded herself why she chose to ditch the scale in the first place. "We HAVE to stop letting numbers define us," she wrote. "We have to put more weight (pun intended) on how we FEEL, not how much we weigh.⁣"

"I am the SAME WEIGHT in both of these photos, but I promise you I did not FEEL the same when I took them," she continued. "In one I felt weak, in the other, I felt strong.⁣ In one I felt self-conscious, in the other I felt confident.⁣ In one I was tracking my weight, and in the other, I was blissfully unaware.⁣"⁣

Katie certainly isn't the only one to speak up about how the scale can be deceiving (and defeating). SWEAT trainer Kelsey Wells took to Instagram recently to share why she wants others to ditch their goal weight and focus more on how they feel. "The scale alone can NOT MEASURE YOUR HEALTH," she wrote. "Never mind the facts that your weight can fluctuate +/- five pounds within the SAME day due to a number of things, and that muscle mass weighs more than fat per volume...typically and as far as your fitness journey goes, the scale tells you nothing more than your relationship with gravity on this planet."

Not being able to quantify your health is hard, but Kelsey and Katie's messages serve as reminders that non-scale victories are a great measure of your progress-and can be better for your mental health and self-esteem. Remember this the next time the doctor makes you step on the scale.