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A 21-Year-Old College Student Is Making Clear Face Masks for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Eastern Kentucky University senior, Ashley Lawrence came up with a helpful alternative to the traditional face masks everyone's been sewing.
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How to Safely Order Takeout and Food Delivery During Coronavirus

It's not only about the spread of coronavirus, but also about food safety, food waste, and nutrition. A food safety experts shares what you need to know.
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Should You Change Your Beauty Routine When You're Sick?

Experts weigh in on if—and how—you should alter your beauty routine when you're sick with a cold, the flu, or worse.
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Can You Get Coronavirus from Having Sex?

If you intend on having sex but also want to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, here's what you should know.
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What Happens When You Stop Wearing a Bra?

Whether it's just a weekend or WFH thing, or you plan to let your ladies free more often than not, here's what experts say about how going braless affects your breasts.
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Can Steam Kill Viruses?

Before you take a handheld steamer to every surface in your home, find out what the experts have to say about steam's ability to kill viruses.
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What Is Telemedicine, Exactly?

Telemedicine isn't just a novelty—it's become a necessity. If you've been furiously searching "what is telemedicine?" here's your answer, plus how to actually use it.
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Does Ibuprofen Really Make the Coronavirus Worse?

France's government stated that people with coronavirus symptoms should steer clear of ibuprofen and other NSAIDs. But, not everyone agrees.
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Should You Start Making and Wearing DIY Masks to Protect Against the Coronavirus?

Recent rumblings over official face mask recommendations and an ongoing shortage of protective equipment are leaving people to wonder: Can a DIY mask really protect against COVID-19? And should I start making one?