4 Creative Takes On a Vision Board to Try This Year

Tap into the power of vision boards to reach your goals with these new spins on the trend (no crafting required).

4 Creative Takes On a Vision Board to Try This Year

If you believe in the power of visualization as a form of manifestation, then you're probably familiar with the new year goal-setting trend known as vision boards. They're fun, inexpensive, and help you put pen to paper (or glue stick to poster board) when it comes to your goals and dreams. (In fact, vision boards are such effective goal-crushing reinforcement that trainer Jen Widerstrom recommends creating one as part of our 40-Day Challenge to Crush Any Goal.)

But realistically, that vision board you created with your friends from magazine clippings of your favorite inspirational words and images might very well end up shoved in your closest-out of sight, and thus out of mind. Or maybe the crafting part is just not your thing. Well, if you fall into either category-or have no idea what vision boards are-yet want to take advantage of this dreams-turned-into-reality trend, here are some "grown up" ways to stay inspired all year long. (No trip to the craft store needed.)

Turn your DIY vision board into your phone wallpaper.

If you're into the idea of crafting a traditional vision board, but don't necessarily want it as a permanent piece of your home décor for the world to see, consider this option. Before you throw your vision board in the closet, take a quick photo of it in both portrait and landscape modes. Use the portrait shot as the wallpaper on your cell phone and tablet and use the landscape shot as the wallpaper on your laptop or desktop. Your visions for the year will be visible many times throughout the day so you can't ignore those goals.

Let a real artist handle it with custom canvas art.

Invest in custom art and in your dreams with one click. Just send one of those shots of your board to the folks at Red Barn Canvas- and they'll turn your DIY vision board into a custom and personalized piece of artwork that you'll be proud to display in your home or office. Or, skip the crafting altogether and simply send them inspirational images, words, and phrases and let the designers do the rest.


Create a motivational hanger for your race medals.

Do you have the goal of running a 5K, triathlon, or obstacle race this year? One way to stay motivated is with a custom stainless steel hanger for your race medals from Allied Medal Hangers. Turn your favorite fitness motto into artwork that's designed to display your hard work. (Or, browse their large inventory of fun and motivational designs.)


Make a custom vision board planner.

If you've been keeping track of your goals and plans electronically, kick it old school with a new custom planner. Create a customized personal planner with your own images on the front and back covers. Upload a photo of that vision board you made (or skip the crafting and create a digital version) and you'll be reminded of your goals every time you open your planner to schedule your week.

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