The new iPhone and iPad app Hi.Q asks questions about your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle to see how healthy you are

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There's a new way to find out just how much of a wellness wiz you are (without WebMD at your fingertips): Hi.Q, a new, free app available for iPhone and iPad. Focusing on three general areas-nutrition, exercise and medical-the goal of the app is "to increase the health literacy of the world," says Munjal Shah, co-founder and CEO of Hi.Q Inc. (Want more cool apps? 5 Digital Coaches to Help You Reach Your Health Goals.)

"Most of our users see themselves as the ‘Chief Health Officer' of their family and want to know if they have the knowledge to take care of their loved ones," he adds. Hi.Q tests this knowledge with a unique survey methodology, quizzing you with more than 10,000 "experiential" questions on 300 topics. Think: sugar addiction, how food impacts your mood, and secret sources of stress in your life.

Traditional health quizzes follow in the footsteps of your annual check up: How often do you exercise? How many times a week do you drink? The problem with that: "Studies show that people give inaccurate answers when asked to self-assess around their health," says Shah.

Instead, Hi.Q tests your skills when it comes to being healthy. Instead of asking if you overeat, the app will show you a plate of rice and have you estimate how many cups there are. It asks how you would eat healthiest at a baseball game or at Disneyland instead of if you ever eat fast food. You never get a question twice and all questions are timed so you can't easily look up the answers, says Shah. That way, it's a more accurate calibrator of what you already know, and what you could benefit from learning.

Challenge accepted? Download the Hi.Q app in the iTunes store.