This year, Good Friday falls on Earth Day, April 22, a coincidence that inspired us to brainstorm ways to enjoy an eco-friendy Easter.

•Use a sand bucket as an Easter basket for the kids in your life. They'll get to re-use it this summer!

•Cook up easy, natural dyes for Easter eggs: colorful foods and spices like carrots, blueberries, paprika and coffee, boiled in water and then strained. Here's the scoop on how to make natural Easter egg dyes.

•Prepare your feast with recycled cookware, like these batter bowls made from bamboo fibers. Or choose a restaurant from for Easter dinner.

•Re-connect with your spiritual side by hiking, taking a family walk or cleaning up your neighborhood or local park. To make the holiday special, have a tree planted in the Holy Land in honor or in memory of someone special.

•Get energized for the holiday weekend with free coffee or tea at Starbucks on Friday; just bring your own travel mug.

•Make your "holiday best" an outfit made with ramie or organic fiber, accessorized with recycled jewelry. Find some gorgeously green fashion finds here.

Blogger Melissa Pheterson

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