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Editor Obsessions: 10 Things We're Loving This Month

Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Hot Cereal

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Now that it's getting chilly, I've been enjoying a steaming bowl of this gluten-free, sugar-free, GMO-free cereal in the morning. It's packed with good-for-you ingredients such as organic oats, buckwheat groats, millet, quinoa, amaranth, chia, hemp, flax, and kaniwa, an ancient grain that's being touted as the next big superfood. Topped with berries and a little honey, it's a delicious, satisfying way to start the day. —Locke Hughes, assistant web editor


The Stick

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Reach for The Stick when you really want to work out the kinks in specific muscle groups. Dubbed a "toothbrush for muscles," the plastic, flexible core is surrounded by one-inch spindles that freely rotate to help flush out lactic acid that builds up in your muscles and reduce soreness. Use it on your back, legs, arms—wherever you can reach! —Melissa Katz, web producer

$32 to $54;

So Delicious Dairy Free Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk Beverage

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This creamy seasonal drink was only available in select states last year, but now it's back on storeshelves nationwide while supplies last, along with mint chocolate and egg nog flavors. You can drink it straight from the glass, add it to coffee, or use it to flavor pancakes and French toast. Plus, it's vegan and Non-GMO Project certified. (Per 1/2 cup serving: 70 calories, 1g fat (1g saturated), 15g carbs, 0g protein, 1g fiber, 100mg sodium) —Brittany Risher, senior web editor

$3; available in grocery stories nationwide while supplies last


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This stretchy tape is a must-have for injury recovery and prevention. Like other athletic tapes, StrengthTape works by lifting skin away from underlying tissue to provide extra support and stability for muscles and joints, while still allowing full range-of-motion. This helps support damaged muscles and relieves discomfort by reducing pressure. It was super helpful during long training runs in preparation for this year's NYC Marathon. —Heidi Pashman, editorial assistant


The 3 Nuts Almond Butter

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As someone with a peanut allergy, I've searched far and wide for delicious almond butters. And this just became my No. 1 pick! The New York-based company was started by three young women who share a love of wholesome food. Their nut butters are available in a variety of ridiculously tasty flavors, including pumpkin pie, salted caramel, and cookie dough. —Ashley Ross, assistant web editor


Flow Play Class at Equinox Gyms

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For me, yoga class is not only a chance to relax, but I like to get some toning and stretching action in too. As a result, it seems odd to listen to soothing music throughout—I don't want to doze off in downward dog! Flow Play, a new Vinyasa class at Equinox, features a better mix of tempos. Based on research about music and the mind-body connection, it pairs a soundtrack of world beats with increasingly challenging poses to help you flow at a steady pace. It helped power me through tough sequences and calmed me down before I stepped off the mat. —Laurel Leicht, fitness editor

Free with membership; Equinox locations nationwide

Sambazon Energy Peppermint + Mocha Fresh Superfood Smoothie

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This limited-edition twist on Sambazon's Energy Mocha Superfood Smoothie is a combo of acai juice, soy milk, coffee, cocoa, and peppermint. I like it because it's thick and filling, and the mint isn't too powerful. It's also organic, Non-GMO Project verified, vegan, and uses fair-trade certified coffee and acai. A nice treat for mid-afternoon or dessert. (Per 8 ounces: 180 calories, 5g fat (1g saturated), 27g carbs, 7g protein, 2g fiber, 75mg sodium) —Brittany Risher, senior web editor

$3; available at grocery stores and natural food stores

Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York

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As writers and editors, the team has been known to get excited over a book or two. But none have sparked our interests and spawned conversations as much as this recently published collections of essays, written by women who have loved—and left—New York City. Obviously this topic spoke to us personally, as NYC-based ladies, but we're confident that women in every state can relate to the thoughful collection of essays tackling universal themes such as love, career, family, and more. —Alanna Nunez, associate web editor


Yonanas Elite

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You may recognize this contraption from QVC or an infomercial, but don't shrug it off as a gimmick just yet! Yonanas transforms frozen fruit (no extra ingredients needed!) into a truly delicious, healthy dessert. You can keep it simple with only fruit or get creative with seemingly limitless flavor combinations. (A few examples: mint chocolate chip, mango pineapple "sorbet," and even pumpkin "pie!") With about 200 calories and 0g fat per cup, compared to 400 calories and up to 23g fat in the same amount of ice cream, you can indulge without coming close to breaking the calorie bank. —Abby Lerner, executive web editor


Feedie App

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Document your next dinner out for a good cause with the Feedie app. For each food photo you share on social media from participating restaurants, a meal will be donated to at-risk African school children. The name combines "foodie" and "feed" to portray what the app is all about: It's a way for people who love food (and sharing photos of it!) to give back to those who lack the same access to nutritious meals. —Locke Hughes, assistant web editor

Free; iTunes App Store


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