"Own it, remember it, and make it your motivational mantra," Shape Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Goodman Artis says in this month's editor's letter

By Elizabeth Goodman Artis
Updated: April 28, 2016

Say these words, and say them out loud: I love my shape because..., then fill in the blank. Go ahead and take a minute. Take a few. Get all stream of consciousness with this, because I want your personal positivity to flow. You see, at this magazine we equip you with a lot of smart advice and strategies, but we stop short of ever trying to define how you view you. That power is in your hands. Ninety-one percent of women have body dissatisfaction, according to one large study. That's why Shape is partnering with the Movemeant Foundation to spread the gospel of body confidence. Because when you feel good about yourself, you take care of yourself, and that is what Shape is all about.

Of course, loving your shape doesn't negate the need to have body goals; those targets keep you motivated and excited about staying fit and healthy. But there's freedom in focusing and articulating those goals. If the vision of slimming down and feeling amazing in a bikini or a slinky sundress works for you, use it. Love the idea of having legs tough enough to race you through a 10K? Then let the phrase strong and sexy be your motivator. My point is, you're in charge of how shape pride manifests in your mind. Here, we don't dictate the on-trend words to use or lose, because hey, as long as your end game-and the route you take to get to it-is healthy, you need to go with the terms that best speak to you.

Now, if there's one woman who definitely loves her shape, it's our cover star, Khloé Kardashian. She tells us she has earned every curve by working hard in the gym. Her words for how that makes her feel? "Empowered and badass." And let me tell you, they work-the woman lost a whopping 35 pounds and sculpted serious muscle.

So say it with me one more time: I love my shape because . . . Own it, remember it, and make it your motivational mantra.



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