Despite speaking up on the topic during a previous pregnancy, Breeze still gets negative comments about her choice to continue CrossFit while pregnant.

By Renee Cherry
July 05, 2019
Barcroft Media/Getty Images

When trainer Emily Breeze was pregnant with her second child, she chose to continue doing CrossFit. Despite the fact that she had been doing CrossFit before getting pregnant, scaled back her workouts during her pregnancy, and had consulted with her ob-gyn to stay safe, Breeze got a lot of negative feedback online. In response, she spoke up about why she was fed up with the shaming.

"It's just so odd to me because I would never say anything like that to any other person, let alone a woman who is going through such a powerful and emotional experience of growing a human inside of them," she previously told us.

Now, Breeze is 30 weeks pregnant with her third child, and she's once again called for people to stop discouraging women—including her—from working out while pregnant. (Related: More Women Are Working Out to Prepare for Pregnancy)

"I'm always baffled when people judge other women for working out while pregnant," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Do you really think pregnancy is a time to flip off your health and just stop doing everything that you did in your normal day-to-day life? It's a time when your focus really should be on health and wellness which includes sleep, good nutrition, mental clarity and exercise."

Breeze is a fitness coach and CrossFit games athlete, meaning exercise is a part of her day-to-day life. By continuing to work out during her pregnancy, she's simply taking care of her body in a way that makes her feel her best. "I'll never understand why we bash someone for doing what's healthy and positive," she wrote. "There is so much room for less judgment and just overall support on living healthy." (Related: 7 Pregnant CrossFit Games Athletes Share How Their Training Has Changed)

Breeze previously defended her decision to work out while pregnant in an Instagram post last week: "Now that I'm in my third trimester and my bump is beyond noticeable I'm getting a lot of questions again regarding EXERCISE + PREGNANCY," she wrote. "So let's talk..... y'all this is my third baby in the past three years and exercise is my career. I'm closely monitored by my doctor (who has been by my side for 13 years) and depending on the day or how I feel modify accordingly. Shocking to some, but REGULAR EXERCISE during a NORMAL PREGNANCY is GOOD for parent and baby."

She's right, BTW—exercising while pregnant is safe and beneficial, provided you modify accordingly and follow your doctor's guidance. And yes, that can include intense workouts. Doing CrossFit while pregnant is completely safe, as long as you were also doing it before you got pregnant (like Breeze), Jennifer Daif Parker, M.D., of Del Ray OBGYN Associates, previously told us. "If you were doing it prior to getting pregnant it's great to continue, but I wouldn't recommend starting a new routine that intense if you never did it before during pregnancy," Parker explained.

Hopefully, Breeze's message will get through to people who have been criticizing her for her #bumpworkout posts or who think expecting women shouldn't be active in general. Women have to deal with a lot of unpleasant crap while pregnant, and workout-shamers shouldn't be one of them.


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