The fitness influencer wants women to know that snapping back to your pre-pregnancy weight just isn't realistic.

Emily Skye and her boyfriend just welcomed their first baby into the world in December, but the fitness influencer's pregnancy didn't quite go as planned. The first-time mom wasn't able to keep up with her fitness goals and despite her best efforts, she had to stop working out due to back pain and sciatica. That said, she also refused to worry about gaining weight and embraced her changing body-stretch marks, cellulite, and all. Now, she's continuing to do the same after pregnancy-and even though she says she barely recognizes her body anymore, she wants everyone to know that expecting it to shrink right back is too much pressure.

"For me, this whole 'snap back' idea is unrealistic-it's taking me hard work, consistency, and patience," Skye wrote on Instagram on Wednesday alongside a two-second transformation of her flexing and relaxing her belly. "I've got a saggy belly, extra body fat, cellulite, stretch marks & I've lost a lot of muscle but my abs are still under there when I flex my butt off haha!"

She added that she's been ignoring all the nasty comments she's received about how different her body looks and is choosing to treat herself with grace. "Becoming a mum has changed me in so many ways. Some changes are positive and some could be seen as negative but I'm choosing to focus on the positives and the things I can control-such as working out and eating healthy," she said. "Many people have told me things like: 'your body is ruined' and 'your body will never be the same.' You're right, it will be BETTER!"

Skye just got cleared to start exercising again and shared how excited she is to get back to the gym in a separate post. "I'm now 6 weeks postpartum and my OB has given me the all clear to return to full training-providing I listen to my body and don't go too hard too fast," she explained. "It isn't a race. I'm not trying to get back in shape as fast as I can, I'm just going to take the time I need to work my way there and do what makes me happiest and feeling my best."

Major props to Skye for continuing to shed light on the ups and downs of her pregnancy and always inspiring other women.