In another keeping-it-honest Instagram post, the fitness influencer and trainer shares that despite her best efforts, she's had to stop exercising entirely.

By Renee Cherry

Week by week, fit-stagrammer Emily Skye has shared her pregnancy experience in detail. She admitted that she's totally embracing pregnancy weight gain and cellulite, brought up criticism she'd received for exercising while pregnant, and discussed her refreshing prenatal fitness philosphy. Now at 37 weeks pregnant, the Aussie trainer is opening up about how she feels about her pregnancy fitness not exactly going as she hoped it would.

"My pregnancy hasn't really gone to plan as far as my fitness is concerned," she recounted on Instagram. "I thought I'd be able to keep up with my exercise until the end of my pregnancy but that did NOT happen haha! Due to a long-term back problem (I've spoken about before) & sciatica, I haven't been able to exercise for the past 2 months as I was just too uncomfortable & it was starting to make my back & sciatica worse. I made the choice to listen to my body & stop."

With so many six-pack moms out there (which, hey props to you, ladies!), it's more than a little refreshing to see someone-who has made a career out of staying fit and looking her best-be so candid about being so, well, human. Expectations are high enough for moms, especially first-time moms like Skye. Someone you admire being so raw and real is the kind of attitude women need to see more often.

The post garnered thousands of heartfelt comments of appreciation and encouragement. "Love this Em!!! you look AMAZING, every bit and piece of you!!!" wrote fellow trainer Anna Victoria, who has also shared thoughts on learning to embrace weight gain.

Truthfully, Skye admits that having to skip exercise entirely wasn't easy for her, but she eventually came to terms with it. "Life is far from perfect & doesn't always go to plan & that's why I think it's so important to focus on the good things in your life," she wrote.


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