The fitness influencer has been candid about the changes her body (and fitness) have gone through during and after pregnancy.

By Faith Brar
May 29, 2018

Emily Skye has been refreshingly honest about her fitness journey during and after pregnancy. A few months after she learned she was expecting, the fitness influencer wholeheartedly embraced her stretch marks, cellulite and weight gain as her body began to change. (TBH, everyone can learn from her prenatal fitness philosophy.)

Unfortunately, her pregnancy didn't go as planned and she was advised to stop working out after suffering from back pain and sciatica. Despite that, she opened up about the importance of putting her baby's health (and her own) first.

After giving birth, Skye says she barely recognized her body and encouraged her followers not to expect her to shrink back to "normal" so soon. She even shared this two-second transformation to make an important point about postpartum bodies. (However, remember that it's totally normal to still look pregnant after giving birth.)

Now, five months postpartum, Skye is showing how far she's come since having her daughter by sharing an incredibly inspiring side-by-side photo. The photo on the left shows Skye six weeks after giving birth (when doctors gave her the all-clear to start exercising again), and the photo on the right is her today, 22 weeks after giving birth. The difference is jarring, and it's safe to say Skye is feeling happy and more confident with her progress. (Related: Emily Skye Has a Message for Everyone Who Thinks They Know What's Best for Her Pregnancy)

"It was hard to notice changes until I looked back to where I started," she wrote. "I'm feeling pretty proud of myself because I have worked really hard, but I've been really balanced, too."

Skye added that she hasn't been too hard on herself. She's been enjoying life and spending as much time as she can with her daughter. "The hardest part was the start when I first got the all clear to begin exercising at 6 weeks PP," she wrote. "I felt so slow & sluggish but I worked on it by doing my FIT Program about 5 times a week at midnight or so (after Mia finally went to sleep)."

Even though she's come a long way, Skye readily admitted that she's still getting used to how much her body has changed since giving birth. "I'm becoming fitter and stronger every day, but I still have to be really conscious of holding my core tight when standing and walking around," she wrote. "It just wants to come 'out' all the time. It was pretty big when I was full term so it's no wonder it takes time to return back to normal. I just have to keep working on training my muscles to hold everything tight, with good posture and get my core strong again. I'm getting there one day at a time!"

Major props to Skye for continually giving the #realtalk about the ups and downs of postpartum bodies and inspiring other women in both self-love and fitness along the way.