She talked about how bloating and fluid retention might not exactly be fun, "but it's also no big deal either".

By Faith Brar
Credit: Instagram/@emilyskyefitness

Australian fitness influencer Emily Skye will be the first to tell you that not every postpartum journey goes as planned. After giving birth to her daughter Mia in December 2017, the young mom admitted she didn't feel like working out most of the time and could barely recognize her body. Even when sharing her five-month postpartum progress, she was candid about how much her body had changed and said she was totally cool with having wrinkly skin on her abs. (Related: How Emily Skye's Pregnancy Transformation Taught Her to Ignore Negative Comments)

Now, even 17 months after giving birth, Skye says there are certain things about her body that are, well, just different, and have taken some getting used to—like her bloated stomach.

She recently shared a video of herself showing off her stomach—what it looks like when she stands naturally, when she keeps her stomach "in," and when she intentionally pushes it "out"—and admitted that she "never imagined" she'd be struggling with noticeable bloating at nearly 17 months postpartum.

Skye continued by reminding her followers that bloating affects everyone in different ways, which is "why it's so important we don't compare ourselves to anyone else," she wrote.

For those who've been hard on themselves for looking and/or feeling bloated, Skye hopes her post is a reminder that at one point or another, it happens to everyone. "I just wanted to say that even though you might not see it much, this is NORMAL and common and you're not alone if you bloat or if your tummy won't stay 'in' no matter how fit you are," she wrote. (See: This Woman Point Out All the Tricks Influencers Use to Hide Belly Bloat)

An important takeaway from Skye's post: You don't need to have a perfectly flat, super-defined stomach to be fit (or happy, for that matter). "Let's stop beating ourselves up and comparing ourselves and just appreciate and focus on the things we do have," as she puts it. "I have a beautiful family and I'm healthy & fit and I'm so grateful for that.. bloating and retention isn't fun but it's also no big deal either."