The Aussie fitness influencer opened up about her struggle to conceive and why she waited to share the news.

By Faith Brar
January 02, 2020
Credit: Instagram/@EmilySkyeFit

Congratulations are in order for Emily Skye: The 34-year-old Australian fitness influencer announced she's pregnant with her second child.

Skye took to Instagram earlier today to share her excitement and, of course, her adorable baby bump.

"Mia is going to be a big sister," she wrote in the post. "I thought 2019 was big but not as big as my belly's gonna be in 2020. We're so excited and blessed to have a sibling for Mia on the way and can’t wait to share the journey with you!"

Fans were quick to share their excitement about Skye's announcement, with many people asking when she's due. "I'm due [July 3] but maybe earlier due to measuring bigger," Skye wrote in response to one of her follower's comments. (Related: Everyone Can Learn from Emily Skye's Refreshing Prenatal Fitness Philosophy)

But some people were confused about why Skye waited to share the exciting news. So, she took to her Instagram Stories to explain her decision: "I had to keep posting old [photos] because I am showing," she said, adding that she wanted to wait until what she called the "safe period" of her pregnancy before letting the world know. Though Skye hasn't confirmed how far along she is in her pregnancy, a July 3 due date suggests she's probably near the end of her first trimester. ICYDK, the chance of a miscarriage significantly drops after the first trimester, according to Mayo Clinic. (Related: The Pregnancy I Didn't Announce)

"Some people sadly lose babies and it can happen any time," Skye continued in her Instagram Stories. "And because of my age, I'm classified as 'high-risk' so you never know what could happen. I had to keep throwing people off, and I didn't want the news to get out before I had the chance [to announce]."

Turns out, it was also difficult for Skye to conceive this time around, she shared in her Instagram Stories. "This didn't happen easily, and I know a lot of people go through a lot worse," she explained. "But we spent all year trying, and it was really difficult." (Related: Anna Victoria Gets Emotional About Her Struggle with Infertility)

"I feel really blessed that it happened and that we have a baby on the way," continued Skye, adding that she wanted to announce her pregnancy on her "own terms" rather than have people on social media speculate and discover the news on their own.

ICYDK, Skye previously shared that she had a difficult pregnancy with her first daughter, Mia. She was candid about how she fell short of her fitness goals during pregnancy after experiencing a lot of fatigue, back pain, and morning sickness, especially toward the end of her pregnancy. Despite those setbacks, though, Skye refused to worry about gaining weight and embraced her stretch marks and cellulite during that time.

Skye's postpartum journey wasn't easy, either. She shared how she "barely recognized" her body after giving birth and that it took her some time to embody a body-positive mindset after pregnancy. She even shared this two-second transformation to make an important point about postpartum bodies. (Reminder: It's totally normal to still look pregnant after giving birth.)

As for her second pregnancy, Skye wrote in an Instagram Story that she's "excited to share this journey" with her followers in the coming months.

For now, the fitness guru said she's "so glad the news is finally out."

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