Ever watched someone do something extremely embarrassing at the gym, and you want to help them but you just can't bear to look? There's a word for that.
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Did you know you have 154 emotions that you experience all the time without even realizing it?

At least that's what Tiffany Watts Smith, a research fellow at the Centre for the History of the Emotions at Queen Mary University of London, explains in her new book The Book of Human Emotions. In it, she says that brain scans show that humans have a lot more emotions than previously thought. "It's a long-held idea that if you put a name to a feeling, it can help that feeling become less overwhelming," Smith told CNN.

So Smith went around the world to find words that describe all of these feelings we all share but didn't realize were a "thing." And while all 154 are worth reading about (who doesn't love a good "gezelligheid," or that "cozy feeling you get from being inside on a cold winter's night, surrounded by friends and good food," here are our favorite feels, all from her book.

Torschlusspanik: German for "gate closing panic." It describes the feeling that life is suddenly speeding up and passing you by. We're guessing this feeling is at the root of a lot of extreme fitness adventures, like hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Ex: "I've got serious torschlusspani. If I don't do yoga on a paddleboard I may never get the chance. I'm not getting any younger!"

Iktsuarpok: An Inuit word describing "the feeling of anticipation you get when expecting someone, and you keep going outside to check to see if they've arrived." You know how you have your favorite instructor at the gym and you get weirdly excited just waiting for her to walk in the door?

Ex: "I know I'm going to work so hard my legs will be shaking for the next two days, but I can't stop looking at the door waiting for Christina to walk into boot camp; I'm just so iktsuarpoked!"

Ambiguphobia: The uncomfortable feeling you get when something is ambiguous, or left open to interpretation, a term coined by the novelist David Foster Wallace. This is especially true with generic health and fitness advice.

Ex: "I'm totally ambiguphobic! I hate it when my doctor says to 'eat a healthy diet.' Like, what does that even mean?!"

Basorexia: The sudden urge to kiss someone! So this isn't gym specific but who hasn't worked up a good endorphin rush during a great weight lifting set and just wanted to lay a big smooch on the sweaty face of the hot guy doing squats? Just us?

Ex: "Do you see who's on the treadmill behind us? Yum. Major basorexia right now!"

Ilinx: The urge to create "minor chaos," described as a feeling of spinning, falling, and briefly losing control.

Ex: "I went crazy in Zumba, literally dancing like no one was watching. I don't know what came over me but the feeling of ilinx was such a rush!"

Mono no aware: A Japanese word that describes the "quiet feeling for life's transience, a sensitivity to the beauty of decay and the fading of all living and inanimate things." This feeling is basically the reason people go hiking in desolate places.

Ex: "Camping in the Grand Tetons really puts things into perspective. Looking at the Milky Way at night made me realize how tiny and insignificant I am and how big and beautiful the universe is. I felt so mono no aware."

Pronoia: Basically the opposite of paranoid, it means "a strange, creeping feeling that everyone is out to help you."

Ex: "It was the weirdest thing: Today this guy spotted me on the chest press without me even asking, a woman offered me a hair tie when mine broke, and I found a free coupon for a smoothie on my windshield. It's cool but I'm starting to get a little pronoiad!"

Vergüenza ajena: A spanish word, it describes the extreme pain of watching someone else embarrass themselves in public. You simultaneously want to help them, save them from themselves, and cover your eyes so you don't have to witness their humiliation.

Ex: "Every time the boot camp instructor bent over, her workout pants went totally sheer and she wasn't wearing any underwear! Everyone in the class noticed but no one wanted to be the person to say anything. Agggh vergüenza ajena!"