A group called FCKH8 is challenging women's rights issues like feminism, pay inequality, and sexuality with a video of potty-mouthed princesses.


Recently, FCKH8-a t-shirt company with a social change message-released a controversial video on the topic of feminism, violence against women and gender inequality. The video features several dolled-up little girls discussing serious issues from rape to physical appearance in not-so-lady-like-language. Their aim: To shock viewers into questioning these important-sometimes overlooked-issues. Sure, it's outrageous that these adorable, little princesses are dropping the F-bomb, sure, but is it enough to spur society to take action against the outrageous treatment of women that happens every day?

Consider some recent stats. In September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 19.3 percent of women have been raped at some point in their lifetime-that's almost one out of five women. And on top of that, almost 44 percent of women have experienced other forms of sexual violence in their lifetime. That is a sad, shocking, but true reality. The girls in the video also dauntlessly point out the facts about pay inequality. And the truth of the matter is women are still paid significantly less than their male counterparts. In fact, according to The American Association of University Women, women make only 78 percent of what men make.

This very edgy video is a definite statement-maker, we'll say that much. Time will tell if it actually inspires change for the better. If nothing else, it brings attention to crucial topics that impact women on a daily basis.