This inspirational video shows three different runners coming to her rescue when they notice she's struggling.

There's nothing like a Kodak moment at the end of a good race-just sign up for any runDisney event and you'll have pure photographic gold (oh, and a great run, too). The month of March signals the unofficial kick-off of half-marathon season, with a slew of big races happening during the last few weekends, including the United NYC Half-Marathon, the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in San Francisco, as well as tons of other local races including the Philadelphia Love-Run Half Marathon. This race in Philly yesterday, took runners through the city streets starting in Center City and ending at the famous Art Museum so all the runners could have their own Rocky moment.

While the male and female winners clocked in at some incredible finishing times of 1:11:18 and 1:24:18 respectively, what really stood out that day was a moment that local news channel Fox29 happened to catch while covering the half-marathon. Near the finish, a woman was noticeably struggling-something that can happen to even elite athletes if you don't hydrate, train, or refuel properly. What happened next was more than inspiring. Fellow racers forgot all about their finish time-and if you're a runner, you know that's not an easy thing to do-to help her complete the race. According to reports from the news station, two runners rushed to her side, to help her get safely to the finish line (and hopefully to a medical tent).

Things got even more heroic when a third runner stepped in to physically pick her up and carry her across the finish line. If you've ever trained for a race, or know someone who has, you can understand how disappointing it would have been to be so close to the finish line and not cross it. (Of course, you shouldn't force someone to finish a race if they need medical help, but we can only hope experts stepped in soon after.)

Ultimately, this is just another reminder of how supportive the running community can be. Whether you're training and running a race with your BFF, or notice a fellow runner struggling to take those last few strides, helping someone complete their goal will help you feel more satisfied with your own accomplishment.