Who heal the world? Girls.

By Lauren Mazzo

Women not only give birth to new life. It turns out, we're also amazing at saving lives.

New research shows that female doctors might be more effective than male doctors at treating patients. After looking at 1.5 million hospital visits of elderly patients, researchers found that those treated by female docs had lower mortality and readmission rates, according to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. (So, uh, remind us why there's a wage gap?)

That difference in mortality risk works out to about 4 percent-which doesn't seem all that substantial, but is actually clinically significant, according to the study. Considering there are about 10 million annual Medicare hospitalizations in the United States, the researchers estimate that approximately 32, 000 fewer people would die per year if male physicians could achieve the same outcomes as female physicians. Come on, guys. Get on our level.

Why exactly are female docs doing so well? Other research suggests that female physicians are more likely to practice evidence-based medicine, perform as well as or better than men on standardized tests, and provide more patient-centered care, according to the study. Their patients also tend to rack up fewer ER visits versus those with male primary care physicians.

And then there's the reason you probably guessed from the beginning: Men seem to be less deliberate in their approach to solving complex problems, according to data from non-medical industries like finance and investments. (It's not surprising, then, that women have a longer life span than men all around the world.)

So next time a guy tries to mansplain that they are the superior sex, just show them these stats and ask which gender doc they'd want to see at their bedside. Yeah, that's what we thought.


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