Because no one spends their period twirling around in white skirts for fun IRL

We're in the midst of a period revolution: women are free-bleeding and standing up to the tampon tax, fancy new products and panties are popping up that allow you to go sans-tampon or pad, and others are simply giving the old-school options an all-natural makeover. Everyone seems to be obsessed with periods.

Despite all these advances, period product marketing still seems to be stuck on "women wearing white, laughing, and spinning in circles." Tampons still get dunked in detergent-like blue liquid, because the world might actually end if we see blood-like liquid in a context other than the latest Game of Thrones massacre.

But that's so not the case in this new game-changing ad from UK feminine hygiene brand BodyForm, which declares that "no blood should hold us back," (from periods or otherwise). The ad showcases some badass female athletes crushing a rugby game, a run, a mountain biking route, and a ballet routine, pushing through whatever scrapes, bumps, or bruises they get along the way. Because if we can dig deep and push through the pain during our workout, we shouldn't need to worry about whether our tampon is going to leak. Bleeding once a month doesn't render us invalid-it makes us even more tough. (Take these five steps to become a truly badass athlete yourself.)

BodyForm even breaks down the four hormonal stages of your cycle, as related to exercise: Bleed, Peak, Burn, and Fight. While we don't like the idea of letting our cycle define us (or our workouts) it can be super helpful to know when your hormones are giving you an extra energy boost or increasing your body temp. (Find out more about How Your Period Effects Your Workout Performance.)

Let's hope that period ads continue to ~flow~ in this badass direction. It's the revolution, after all.