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FINALLY—All the Food Emojis You've Been Waiting For


There are certain foods that the Internet just loooooves. We're talking: epic burgers, pizza, fancy milkshakes, etc. While we can express our love for most things through emojis (it's the language of the future, you guys! Words will soon be irrelevant!), we were missing two very important beloved foods: avocado and bacon.

But their emoji counterparts are finally here, along with a bunch of other amazing little guys you'll wonder how you lived without. The 72 new emojis will be released sometime this month from Unicode Technical Committee (the fancy emoji-governing body that arguably has control over all social media and pop culture).

While we're super excited for the release of all the new emojis (and the plethora of ones perfect for celebrating the upcoming summer Olympics), we're still waiting on one we'd love to see: a female runner. (Did you know runner Molly Huddle even campaigned to have one added?)

Other emojis coming soon to an iPhone near you:

Food & Drinks: peanuts (so you can stop pretending the honey jar is peanut butter), kiwi, carrot, potato, croissant, French bread, pancakes, egg, paella, gyro, salad (soon-to-be the quickest way to articulate #saddesksalad), clinking champagne glasses, a tumbler glass, and a cucumber/pickle (because we definitely needed another emoji to use beside the eggplant—wink, wink)

People & Gestures: person in a cowboy hat, Pinocchio, drooling face (so useful for #foodporn pics), nauseated face, sneezing face, prince, face-palm, shrug (so you don't have to type out that one made of all punctuation marks), pregnant woman, a selfie arm, "fingers crossed" gesture, "call me" gesture (can Carly Rae re-release "Call Me Maybe?"), and man dancing (because the red dress Cha Cha lady was in desperate need of a partner)

Randos: a black heart (to match your soul), a butterfly, a wilted rose (Beauty and the Beast in a single emoji! Amazing!), a motor scooter, a boxing glove (boxing girls, get excited!), a person doing a cartwheel (what's up, gymnasts?), a martial arts uniform, wrestlers, a fencer, gold, silver, and bronze medals, and other sports figures that will get you amped for the Rio games

Keep an eye out for the official release, so you can promptly enjoy some avocado toast, bacon, and a Scotch on the rocks in the name of 'gramming with a caption full of brand spankin' new emojis. Cheers! (*Insert clinking champagne glasses emoji here*).


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