How did we ever live without these?

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: July 19, 2018

There are certain foods that the internet just loooooves. We're talking epic burgers, pizza, fancy milkshakes, etc. (Related: How Instagram Is Wrecking Your Diet) While we can express our love for most things through emojis (It's the language of the future, you guys! Words will soon be irrelevant!), we were missing a few very important beloved foods: cupcakes, bagels, and leafy greens. (Yes, really, we've gone this long without a kale emoji.)

But their emoji counterparts are finally here, along with a bunch of other amazing little guys you'll wonder how you lived without. The Unicode Technical Committee (the fancy emoji-governing body that arguably has control over all social media and pop culture) announced the 157 new emojis earlier this year. But to celebrate World Emoji Day (July 17), Apple released a sneak peek of what the new emoji bunch will look like on your iPhone. Don't get too excited though: They won't be pushed to your device until a software update available sometime in September.

Even more exciting than the food emojis, though, is the increased diversity of human emojis. The new release will include red-haired, white-haired, curly-haired, and bald emoji people (both men and women!), and superhero emojis of both sexes. (Can we get a "hell yeah" for female superheroes?!) We're still waiting on emojis that represent people with disabilities, but the good news is that they're shortlisted for the release of Emoji 12.0 in 2019 (along with a white heart, more diverse families, and a flamingo).

Other emojis coming soon to an iPhone near you:

Food & Drinks: Mango, leafy greens (feel free to interpret as romaine, kale, swiss chard, or any leafy green of choice), a bagel (FINALLY), salt, moon cake (sadly, not those moon cookies you loved in elementary school, but exciting nonetheless), and a cupcake (of course, now that doughnuts are the new cupcakes)

People & Gestures: A smiling face with three hearts (for when you're feeling all the self-love), a hot face, a cold face (complete with icicles), a partying face, a woozy face (for the a.m. after you use the partying face), a pleading face (aka the puppy-dog eyes emoji you've been waiting for), superhero, and supervillain

Animals: Llama, hippo, kangaroo, badger (pro tip: pair with the honeypot to create "honey badger"), swan, peacock (for when you're feeling ~extra~), parrot, lobster, mosquito

Randos: Brick, skateboard, luggage, firecracker, red gift envelope, softball, flying disc, lacrosse, Nazar amulet (aka the "evil eye"), jigsaw, teddy bear, abacus, receipt, toolbox, magnet, a slew of science-y things (including a test tube, petri dish, lab coat, goggles, a microbe, and DNA), lotion bottle, thread, yarn, safety pin, broom, basket, roll of toilet paper, soap, sponge, hiking boot, and fire extinguisher (will this be the new fire emoji?!), and an infinity symbol

Keep an eye out for the official release, so you can promptly enjoy some bagels, cupcakes, and kale in the name of 'gramming with a caption full of brand spankin' new emojis. Cheers! (*Insert clinking champagne glasses emoji here*).



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