Sia Cooper is urging other women to stop comparing their bodies to those they see on Instagram.

By Faith Brar
Updated: September 18, 2017

Sia Cooper, fit mom and creator of Strong Body Guide, has amassed over half a million Instagram followers thanks to her kick-ass workout tips and never-give-up attitude. She's also known for her blog, Diary of a Fit Mommy, where she helps new moms get back into shape while enjoying every moment of early motherhood. One look at her life and it's easy to assume that this woman is without a flaw, but she wants you to know that's far from the truth.

In a recent Instagram post, the 27-year-old shared a video of herself being candid about the perfectly posed photos we constantly see on social media-including those on her account. Donning a bikini, Cooper pinches her fat and shakes her booty in the video to show that even someone who is as fit as she is has lots of "jiggle." And that's perfectly okay. (Related: Why This Woman "Forgot Her Bikini" On a Date to the Beach)

"It seems as if I am always bombarded with emails and messages telling me how perfect I look and how these women wished they could look like me," Cooper told Shape exclusively about her motivation behind posting this video. "I shake my head in disbelief because I am so not perfect-if they only knew!"

"There is so much that you can miss from a simple photo that does not compare to real life," she continued. "I wanted to break the standards of perfection that have been placed on women by social media-fit does not mean perfect." (Related: Ronda Rousey Makes a Powerful Statement About Perfection)

Cooper, who has previously suffered from bulimia, shared that constantly seeing flawless photos on Instagram can really affect those who struggle with self-confidence. "We shouldn't set out to look like the girl on Instagram because, chances are, that girl does not even look like that herself." (Related: This Woman's 30-Second Ab Secret Will Make You Lose All Faith in Instagram)

That isn't to say that Cooper completely shuns attractive or posed photos. "There should be a balance," she says. "This is why I love posting the 'Instagram vs. Reality' type posts that sort of show the background or true side to every perfected image."

Cooper hopes that by posting candid photos and videos she will encourage other women to love their bodies as they are and stop feeling the need to compare themselves to each other. "You cannot physically look like someone else so why not improve yourself to be the best version of you?" she says. "Those gorgeous Instagram models that flood our feeds do not look like that 24/7. They have scars, stretch marks, cellulite, acne-you name it. But they choose not to show it." (Related: Fit Bloggers Reveal Their Secrets Behind Those "Perfect" Photos)

If you find yourself obsessing over someone on Instagram who makes you feel like crap, Cooper has one simple suggestion: Unfollow them. "Even I have my own qualms and body hang-ups so I had to do the same thing," she says. "Follow those who make you feel good about your own body."

We couldn't agree more.


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