She also reminds moms why self-care is important now more than ever.

By Faith Brar

Sarah Stage first broke the internet two years ago for having a visible six-pack throughout her pregnancy. She made headlines again last year for barely showing when she was five months along with baby number two, and then again for only having gained 18 pounds while gearing up for her eighth month of pregnancy. (Related: Could Tight Abs Really Increase the Risk of C-Section?)

Despite all the harsh criticism, Sarah's children have been born in perfectly good health. So it's safe to assume she knows exactly what's best for her body and her family. (Related: This Fitness Trainer and Her Friend Prove That There's No Normal Pregnancy)

Now, the hot mama is taking to Instagram to share her first postpartum workout, nine weeks after giving birth to her second son.

"Although I have a long way to go to build my muscle strength and endurance back up again, (so please don't body shame … again! As we all are different shapes and sizes) luckily there's an inner strength that's been building since I've had time to reflect," she wrote on Instagram alongside the new workout video.

The fit mom even got her kids involved, holding and playing with them while doing squats, leg raises, squat jumps, and hip raises. She even reflected on how wonderful it is to use working out as an excuse to spend time with her kids.

"I've learned that when I focus on being in the moment together with my babes and reducing my own expectations of what needs to be done in a day I'm more content because I know I can't get these special moments back and all the little things don't matter," she says.

Not to mention, since exercise naturally reduces stress, this mom gets some much-needed "me" time in the process.

"I've also realized that it's important to also make self-care a priority and try to do something for ourselves daily," wrote Stage. "This morning for me, it was doing a 20-minute workout at home. I know some mothers feel guilty about doing things for themselves and I've even gotten mom shamed for taking the time out for myself but if we are happy, then that makes us better wives, friends, daughters, mothers." That proves just how powerful fitness can be in your life.


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