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Fitness Apps Rank the Healthiest States in America

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We hear a lot about which states are the most unhealthy, but it's time to reward the good behavior of Americans. MapMyFitness and MapMyFitness have teamed up to bring you a ranking of the states with the healthiest habits.

No real surprise when it comes to the winner: California. The other states to make the top ten included Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Utah. Clearly, the east coast has some work to do.

The states with the least healthy habits? Rhode Island, Maine, and Hawaii (really, Hawaii? Year-round sunshine and fresh fruit—you have no excuse!), followed by West Virginia, South Carolina, Delaware, Washington D.C., South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

Using data from MapMyFitness' 25 million users and MyFitnessPal's 65 million users, the fitness and calorie-tracking apps partnered to create a healthy habits score equally accounting for dietary elements (including staying at or below calorie, sodium, fiber, and sugar goals) and workout elements (including length, frequency, and type of exercise logged). According to MyFitnessPal, the data was logged from January to December of 2014 and came mostly from people from ages 25 to 44, about 65 percent of which were women.

The data also broke down which fitness activities were most popular in each state (running, biking, and walking were the most popular overall). Texas came in as the top running state, where the activity accounted for 47 percent of workouts, and Idaho took the win for indoor and outdoor cycling, with 19 percent of workouts being on two wheels. (Find out Which U.S. State Is the Most Athletic?)

Another weird tidbit the data found: States most likely to stick to their calorie goals were also some of the most obese, the report states. For example, West Virginia, ranked No. 1 in sticking to calorie goals, and is also ranked as the most obese state. Why? "We can only speculate, but perhaps those populations are more motivated to stick to their goals once they’ve committed to tracking on MyFitnessPal."

To see where your state falls and to get more info, check out their handy heat map.


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