"I'm learning to give myself grace. I have all the time in the world to get into killer shape."

Alexa Jean Brown (aka @Alexajeanfitness) first made the news earlier this year after sharing her story about accepting her post-baby body. At the time, the Instagram fitness sensation, who has nearly 2 million followers, opened up about how she felt the insane pressure to look 'perfect' so soon after pregnancy.

Now, seven months postpartum, she's taking to social media again to talk about how her body still hasn't bounced back like she'd expected-and why that's totally okay.

"Even though this is my second go around, I still halfway expected to bounce back...definitely not the case for me," she wrote alongside a collage of photos showing how much her body has changed. Our world today has made us feel like if we have loose skin, stretch marks or scars we should be "fixing" or getting rid of them. While I feel amazing, and most of the time I look great, when my buns are plopped in the sand at the beach, I still have that saggy skin drooping over my swimsuit."

Alexa knows she's not alone in feeling this way and imagines a world where we all didn't hide our so called 'imperfections.' "It's so easy to forget that most women go through this because it's just not the thing to post the nitty gritty parts of life, i.e. stretch marks and saggy skin."

"All that encompasses evolving into a mom takes time to adapt," she says. "From the selflessness to the way you look at the world to the body image shifts, it all takes time."

And you should try to enjoy that time, instead of obsessing over your body. "While my body isn't perfect, I'm enjoying nursing my baby - these days are so numbered," she says. I'm learning to give myself grace - I have all the time in the world to get into killer shape."

Her post ends with an ode to all women, encouraging them to find comfort in each other as they grow accustomed to becoming moms: "Let's bond together as moms, as women in general, to say, hey you aren't alone, to love ourselves as we are today and if we want something different for ourselves, to say that tomorrow is another opportunity to make a change."