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This Fitness Blogger Is Making an Important Point About How We Measure Weight Loss Success

Fitness blogger Adrienne Osuna has spent months working hard in the kitchen and at the gym—something that's definitely paying off. The changes to her body are noticeable and she recently showed them off in two side-by-side photos of herself on Instagram. She shares that although her figure has been gradually transforming, her weight hasn't budged much. In fact, she's only lost two pounds. (Related: This Fitness Blogger Proves Weight Is Just a Number)


Edit: the comments are unreal you guys YES REALLY 2 lbs. I lost fat, and gained muscle through heavy lifting and intermittent fasting. The scale is only a number it doesn't determine if weight is fat or muscle. my ebook (link in bio) has my whole story and what I did and two of my lifting routines. . . Ughhh you guys, I've been getting so many tags and messages from people saying they've seen this pic in groups or on Instagram pages claiming I used Plexus, waist trainers, wraps ect. It's super frustrating that people would steal my pic and claim I used products I didn't use and NOT tag me in them. I will be using annoying watermarks now.. but if you see any pls let me know. Also, I love you all for following me and supporting me, your encouragement yesterday made me tear up! And thank you all for sticking up for me when people hate. It means the world. Anyone just seeing this pic for the first time yes only TWO pounds. It's body recomposition, lost fat and gained muscle. I share these so ladies know the scale is JUST A NUMBER. I lift heavy 4 days a week, and I do intermittent fasting. I have two of my lifting routines in my ebook, the link on my bio, also lots of info on what I did in my ebook Keep going, lift weights!! Eat lots of good food! Don't starve yourself!xoxo . . . . . . . . . . #weightlossjourney #momsthatlift #powerlifting #eattoperform #iifym #allthefood #bodybuilding #strongmom #flexibledieting #squats #fitnessjourney #strongwoman #girlswithmuscle #girlswhopowerlift #dietingsucks #fitbit #fitfam #bodypositivity #powerliftingbuiltthisbody #deadlifts #liftheavythings #intuitiveeating #bodybuildinglife #gymislife #progressnotperfection #beforeandafterweightloss #powerlifter #beyondthescale #nsv #heavylifting

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In her post, which now has more than 11,000 likes, Adrienne shares that she "lost fat and gained muscle through heavy lifting" and that even though she's received plenty of positive feedback about her shrinking size, weight itself had nothing to do with her progress or how her body has changed. "The scale is only a number, it doesn't determine if weight is fat or muscle," she said alongside pictures of herself weighing 180 and 182 pounds respectively. (Here's why health and fitness really trump body weight.)

In fact, the mom of four explained in another post how her two-pound weight difference has taken her from a size 16 to a size 10. While that might come as a shock, when trying to lose weight, it's easy to forget that muscle is more dense than fat. Translation: If you're building strength, don't be surprised if the scale isn't budging or doesn't change as much as you'd hoped.

Adrienne's post is clear proof of just how insignificant weight can be when it comes to health and body image—and a reminder that it's much more important to be proud of your progress than to be hung up about silly numbers on a scale.


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