"We all have a place where we started and don't want to go back to."

By Faith Brar
Updated: April 09, 2018

Jen Widerstrom might be a fitness expert, trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser, the face of women's fitness for Reebok, and the author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type, but that's never stopped her from getting real about body image.

Today, the star trainer took to Instagram to show a side of her we've never seen before. "This is me," she wrote alongside a photo of herself from before she embarked on her fitness journey. "I've never posted this photo, embarrassed by what you may think of me but today it was important to share."

Widerstrom's message is totally relatable. "We all have a story-we all have a place where we started and don't want to go back to," she says. "We all have qualities that are still a part of us that we don't want anyone to see, even if we've managed to shift our appearances to hide them." (Related: How Jen Widerstrom Talks Herself Through a Tough Workout)

She continues by opening up about her deepest fears, hoping to encourage others to face them just like she does. "Sometimes I'm scared if I'll be able to keep up my healthy lifestyle and will revert back to where I was," she admits. "Then I slow myself down and remember that every day I get to make a choice on whether fear will control my life or not. We all have the power to make this choice."

The fitness expert's decision to share these vulnerable thoughts comes after terrible events that took place in Manchester. "Especially after the UK bombing...it is in our face of how precious life is," she says. "I urge you to no longer be shackled by your undigested pockets of pain... WE ALL get stuck, as you can see so do I, but what are you waiting for? Be bigger than your pain. Tomorrow may be too late."



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