"Never feel discouraged about your real body."

By Faith Brar
December 07, 2018

Swedish fitness influencer Malin Björk first came into the spotlight in 2016 after sharing her incredible, post-baby physical transformation. Since then, she accrued nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram, became a certified personal trainer, and even launched an online workout plan dubbed Fitnessmom.

Most of Björk's posts emphasize how working out and eating clean (most of the time!) can not only do wonders for your body but also for your mind. But what makes her even more of a fascinating follow is the fact that she's always managed to keep things real with her followers.

If you look at her profile page, you'll see that in between showing off her seriously toned butt and abs, she also shares transformation photos that are totally different from the kind you might be used to seeing on the Internet. (Related: Anna Victoria Explains Why She Doesn't Care That She Gained Weight)

Most recently, she shared two side-by-side photos of herself, showing off her booty gains in a posed mirror selfie, alongside another photo where she's not actively trying to show off her "good side."

"When you log in to your social media, you might feel overwhelmed by all the beautiful and 'perfect" bodies,'" she wrote. "But behind that post and perfect lighting, there is a body most people can relate to. Never feel discouraged about your real body and all that comes with it." (Related: This Blogger Is Showing How Much Squeezing Your Butt Can Change Its Appearance)

On top of keeping it real about lighting and angles, Björk has also opened up about her stretch marks and loose skin. "Before we started a family, I was terrified to get loose skin and stretch marks," she wrote in the caption of another side-by-side of her flexing some hard-earned abs and then proudly showing her loose skin. "I almost didn't want to have kids because I didn't want to 'destroy' my body," she admitted.

Today, however, Björk embraces every part of her body-"flaws" and all. "They're a part of me and my journey and who decides what beauty really is?" she wrote. "Being a mom is beauty."

Björk expresses her hope that by sharing these raw and unedited parts of her body and life, she'll encourage others to prioritize health and happiness over the way their body looks. "It's just a few seconds between these pics," she wrote. "One embraces my hard work at the gym and the other embraces motherhood."

Björk's posts are a great reminder not to feel bad about yourself when looking at other people-period-Instagram or IRL. Remember that comparison gets you nowhere, and everyone has their own highlight reel-and "good" side.

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