The queen of fitspo shares exactly what she does to stay happy and healthy all the time.

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Updated: September 19, 2017
Photo: Ben Rosser

Hannah Bronfman, 29, calls herself the "quintessential renaissance girl." And since she's a DJ, a social influencer, a fitness and beauty entrepreneur behind the site HBFit, and an on-camera personality, we have to agree. Just scroll through her Instagram: This month alone, Bronfman collaborated with Grass Roots Juicery to create a line of juices and raw snacks, and was named the face of nail-care company OPI's ProHealth line-on top of jet-setting for Fashion Week and serving as an Adidas brand ambassador. Impressive to say the least.

Here, some wellness and fitspo tips she lives by.

"Treat your body well."

"When you really listen to what your body is telling you, it's easy to treat it well. For example, if my fingernails are weak, I know I need more calcium. If I have dry skin, I'm dehydrated or need to exfoliate. That's why bath time is my favorite time. I love mixing in different salts, essential oils, and candles to create the ultimate relaxing self-care session at home."

"Life's short, look forward."

"When my grandmother passed away because of complications from anorexia, it was a wake-up call. I decided to live my happiest, healthiest life and pass it on to others. If you don't work through the things that haunt you early, they'll stay with you for the rest of your life."

"Listen to your gut."

"I struggle with candida-usually it manifests on the skin and can be so pesty, painful, and irritating! It also feeds off sugar and gluten and is nearly impossible to rid yourself of. What I learned is that probiotics help ensure that you don't lose the good bacteria in your digestive system that is needed to help process and absorb foods and get rid of toxins. My candida is under control now-not gone, but treated. I take or drink probiotics (I love KeVita's live probiotic drinks) every day to ensure I minimize symptoms."

"Eat in the moment."

"When I have dinner, I get off my phone, smell my food, and chew it well. I've adopted a ketogenic diet. It really works for me because it's not about depriving yourself of anything. It's about adding more good fat into your diet. I think it's too bad that so many people eat on the go. Someone told me that eating is kind of like sex: If you're not mentally in it, it doesn't work well."

"Walk with purpose."

"I like to walk around New York City a lot. And when I do, I engage my abs. If you flex your stomach while you're walking around, it not only fixes your posture but also strengthens your core."



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