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Flaunt It February: SHAPE Readers Show Off Their Best Assets

Picture, Please

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@Claudkb24 worries that she takes too many photos. But when you work hard to look that good you’ve got to flaunt it!

Flaunt the Feeling

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“I finally know what it means to be strong and healthy,” says @shelleyvali.

Drop it Like it’s Hot

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@Craftychicky is down 10 pounds since this photo was taken in October 2012 by eating clean and working out. Sounds like she needs a new picture to flaunt that success!

The Whole Package

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“You won't find many like me with kids and a six pack,” says @lolita_614.

Total Transformation

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@Paauullittaa tells us she was part of #TeamNoDaysOff to flaunt this total body transformation.

Bicep Babe

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@Brittbee89 is as cute as can be flaunting her well-toned bicep.

Sexy Back

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@Greensangel is “workin’ on getting’ my 'sexy back.'” Looks like she’s got it!

Lucky in Love

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@Carly_711 loves to lunge and what luck, it’s one of the best compound lower-body exercises.

Form Check

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@Fitwit3 flaunts her muscles and her form.

Study Break

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@Tabbi23 usually tweets about chemistry but we’re glad she took the time to flaunt this tough workout!

Fitness First

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@Elizabeth213 flaunts her dedication and the results. “I was snowed in but still did an Insanity workout.”

About Face

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@tdutile flaunts a sculpted back and biceps.

Impressive at Any Age

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This move is impressive at any age. @66mtaylor flaunts her strength at 49.

Enjoying the Journey

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We love that @kenyadasworld is flaunting her muscles while they’re a work in progress. According to her, "[I’m] getting there. I’m working on it!”

Revealing Her Best Self

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@saloneil asks, “Is that the hint outline of abs??” Why yes, yes it is. And that’s why she wants to flaunt it!

Flaunting the Finish Line

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@lisajofuller flaunts finishing her first 13.1-mile half marathon!

Hello, 30

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@Krystal0928 says, “Thanks to ‪@zumba fitness and ‪@shape_magazine being 30 doesn't seem so bad.”

49 and Flaunting

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@LotionBars asks, “What about 49?” Zumba class at 49 looks pretty darn good to us!

Confident with Kids

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@YumYucky says, “I'm proud because I still feel confident & feel sexy after having 4 kids + the stretch marks!”

Bums, Butts, and BOOTY!

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When asked what she loves most about her body, @mesohongry says, “my BOOTAY!”

Professional Flaunting

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@allie_marie2 is 14 weeks away from her first bikini competition. Why’s she flaunting it? “[I’m] proud of myself for changing my ways and living a happy and healthy lifestyle training daily and eating clean!”

Flaunting Friends

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Check out this double flaunt from @lishthafish131 and @megasfitness.

Flaunting Flexibility

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This is what 30 looks like for @melissafit. She’s celebrating her flexibility for Flaunt It February!

35 Days to Fit

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@cjdreams shows that hard work pays off. Check out her results after a 35-day fitness challenge.

Surf, Sun, Fun, and Flaunt

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Here’s a new obsession @kimberslife wants to flaunt—learning how to surf!

Hanging—and Lifting with the Boys

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@danigirl1020 can keep up with the big boys when it comes to working those shoulders.

Love It All

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Flaunting her love of the gym, @maha512 says,
“At my favorite place again.”


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