#GameFace: On! New Wildfang Campaign Showcases Inspiring Young Soccer Players

With the Women's World Cup under way, these raw photos from Wildfang's new campaign aim to capture the power of young players

Andrea Corradini.

We're suckers for a good inspirational campaign, especially if it empowers women to get moving or embrace and love their bodies. Our latest obsession, #GameFace, comes from tomboy adult clothing site Wildfang-just in time for the Women's World Cup excitement to reach fever pitch.

Wildfang teamed up with photographer, mom, and athlete Andrea Corradini to shoot 14 young athletes ages five to 14 right before heading onto the field. The goal: to "capture the raw human potential in a crop of rising young soccer stars," as the site explain it. "The photographs show each girl exactly as they are: powerful, competitive, and totally badass."

We couldn't agree more. Check out a sampling of the awesome and inspiring photographs below and head to Wildfang to see the rest!

Tess, 11


Teammates call me... Fierce.

"Cheetahs are my favorite animal-they're almost as fast as I am."

Serifya, 9


Teammates call me... A jokester.

"I'm always telling jokes because I love to make people laugh."

Annika, 9


Teammates call me... Fast

"When I grow up, I want to be an architect and a professional soccer player."

Malea, 11


Teammates call me... Competitive

"I'm super good at juggling the soccer ball-my record is 1,065."

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